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Radio Free Skaro #672 – Jenny and the Bets

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With Gallifrey One Month almost upon us, there’s only one more chance for STATS! to make Warren’s life a living hell, and the other Two Who Rule jumped at the chance like the animals they are, but also found the kindness to share with you, dear listener, news of Big Finish, Series 12 filming in South Africa, and one David Tennant starting his own podcast of chinwagging with his actor friends. Plus we have the last of our Chicago TARDIS interviews, with none other than Catrin Stewart!

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Radio Free Skaro Fluid Links Advent Calendar on YouTube
Gallifrey One schedule now online via Sched
Radio Free Skaro will open Gally with “VidFIRE and Fury”, with guests Colin Baker, Pearl Mackie, Steve Roberts, Mark Ayres, Paul Vanezis and Richard Molesworth
Radio Free Skaro Gally meetup, Friday at Noon, Program C
Walter Koenig and Ben Wheatley announced for Gally
Series 11 stats highs and lows
Series 12 filming in South Africa
Delta and the Bannermen wrap party video
Saward Dalek books due in hardcover in 2019 and paperback, with Target notations, in 2020
Tom Baker on Graham Norton’s radio show, talking about Scratchman
David Tennant launches a podcast
Big Finish Gallifrey: Time War 2 due in March
Big Finish adapting Doctor Who Weekly comics, volume 1 due in March
Things to do while waiting for Series 12, including listening to Radio Free Skaro


Catrin Stewart
Chicago TARDIS

Radio Free Skaro #569 – Radio Free Skaro: Victorian Gothic Folly

Hooray for Gallifrey! The Three Who Rule are back for their ninth(!) trip to Gallifrey One, the real happiest place on Earth, and for the sixth(!!) year running, it has been their honour to help launch the convention in style with their very own live show. This year, Paul McGann, Philip Hinchcliffe, Roger Murray-Leach, Rachael Stott, and Nick Abadzis were the guests, and a grand time was had by all. Listen in and enjoy!

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Paul McGann
Philip Hinchcliffe
Roger Murray-Leach
Nick Abadzis
Rachael Stott

Gallifrey One: 28 Days Later

Radio Free Skaro #566 – Never Cruel Or Cowardly

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It is with a heavy heart that we mark the passing of acting legend John Hurt, beloved by Whovians for his portrayal of the War Doctor in “The Day of the Doctor” but with a career spanning the best of film, TV, and the stage. In happier news, we can now announce the guests for our Gallifrey One live show (contained within) and some other notable Gally news, updates and miscellany! We also announce the winner of our Whographica giveaway contest! Plus stats (bleh) and a commentary for the 1978 story “The Ribos Operation”! To me, Sholakh!

John Hurt died.
Radio Free Skaro… Live From Gallifrey One 2017!
Gallifrey One guest update and reception info!
Who’s Queer Now? featuring Russell T Davies!
Class BBC One ratings!


The Ribos Operation!

Radio Free Skaro #485 – Past Christmas

Radio Free Skaro #485 – Click here to listen!

rfs485Guest announcements for Gallifrey One and Chicago TARDIS! LEGO Doctor Who talk! Capaldi dolly banter! Warren becoming enraged by Star Trek: Into Darkness and almost saying a naughty word! Yes, it’s business as usual again here at Radio Free Skaro headquarters after the madness that was San Diego Comic-Con, but lo, we also have something special this week, the return of Nerdist scribe Kyle Anderson, who joins us for a commentary of the 2014 Doctor Who Christmas special “Last Christmas”! What better time than mid-July to get into the holiday spirit…of nightmares!
Show notes:

Doctor Who…Popular!
Series 10…Officially Confirmed!
Gallifrey One…Guest Announcement!
Doctor Who Festival…More Guests!
Jenna Coleman…At Chicago TARDIS!
5″ Capaldi…Available In September!
LEGO Dimensions…Multiple Doctors!
LEGO Dimensions…Multiple TARDIS Console Rooms!
Series 8 Finale…3D Blu-Ray?
Berlin Doctor Who Event…Downloadable Free!
Ianto Jones…Returns to Torchwood!
A Peculiar Effect…On The BBC!
Two-minute Time Lord…Talks BBC With Toby Hadoke!
Olaf Pooley…Died.
Dr. Who and the Daleks Commentary…Coming Soon!


Radio Free Skaro #344 – More Than 100 Minutes In The TARDIS

Radio Free Skaro #344 – Click here to listen!

Happy New Year! After battling illness and ennui over the past week and a half, the Three Who Rule are back with a bumper episode to launch 2013, the centrepiece of which is an epic interview with Kevin Jon Davies. Davies was the director and producer of “More Than 30 Years In The TARDIS”, the BBC’s official 30th anniversary celebration for Doctor Who, but his connection to the worlds of Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, and Blake’s 7, made for a fascinating chat. Also, your three hosts run down the Christmas time viewing figures, discuss their importance, and also talk about puppies. Six weeks until Gallifrey One!
Show Notes:

The Snowmen…Appreciated!
The Snowmen…Final Ratings!
The Snowmen…Watched On iPlayer!
Catrin Stewart…Gally Guest Update!
Doctor Who Adventures…Comes To iOS!
Doctor Who eBooks…From Puffin!


Kevin Jon…Davies!

Check-in on GetGlue!

Gallifrey One – More 2013 Guests Announced!

Two months (has it already been that long?) since the first guests were announced, Gallifrey One, the longest-running North American Doctor Who convention, has released the second batch of guests for its next iteration, running February 15-17, 2013. One very familiar face leads the pack along with a number of other fantastic guests making their first appearances, including one of the most celebrated actors to ever appear in Doctor Who.

Sir Derek Jacobi is one of the most accomplished actors to ever appear on stage, television, and in film. Famous for I, Claudius (1976), and several BBC Shakespeare productions, Jacobi left an indelible mark on Doctor Who with his memorable performance as Professor Yana/The Master in 2007’s “Utopia”. He also appeared as The Master in 2003’s “The Scream of the Shalka”. Sir Derek will be making his first appearance at Gallifrey One in 2013.
Frazer Hines is practically a Gallifrey One mainstay and is always a welcome addition to the event. Best known to Doctor Who fans, of course, as Jamie McCrimmon, companion to second Doctor Patrick Troughton, Frazer unfortunately had to miss the last Gally and we’re glad to see him back for 2013.
Frances Barber was seen in Doctor Who last year as the mysterious eyepatch lady, Madame Kovarian. A veteran of the stage, music, television and more, Barber will be making her Gallifrey One debut in 2013.
Also making his Gallifrey One debut, Bruno Langley played Adam Mitchell in two episodes of the 2005 series alongside Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper. He is also widely known for his portrayal of Todd Grimshaw on Coronation Street, the first openly gay character on the long-running soap.
Neve McIntosh has played multiple roles in Doctor Who over the past two series, all under heavy makeup as a Silurian, including the role of ally to The Doctor, Madame Vastra. She is also a veteran of film, theatre and television and is making her first appearance at Gallifrey One.
Madame Vastra’s companion in A Good Man Goes to War, Jenny, was portrayed by Catrin Stewart, and we’re happy to learn the actors will be reunited at Gallifrey One. Stewart, like McIntosh, is making her first Gallifrey One appearance.
Finn Jones portrayed Jo Jones’ grandson, Santiago, on The Sarah Jane Adventures in 2010. He is also well known for his role of Ser Loras Tyrell in the HBO mega-hit Game of Thrones. As with many others in this batch of guests, Jones is making his first appearance at Gallifrey One.
Last, but certainly not least, Dan Starkey will also be making his first Gallifrey One appearance. Starkey is known to Doctor Who fans for playing multiple Sontarans in five different episodes, as well as two episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures and one of the Doctor Who Adventure Games.
Memberships for Gallifrey One are available from the convention website, and currently cost $75 for the entire weekend of programming. We’ll be there as usual, again opening the convention with a live show, and we hope to see you there too!