• Radio Free Skaro #431 – Birth of the Titans

    With San Diego Comic Con looming, roving Radio Free Skaro reporter Warren Frey took it upon himself to interview Andrew James, the editor of the new Doctor Who range at Titan Comics. James spilled the beans on SDCC plans, a Doctor Who Day promotion across the U.S. and the U.K. ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #430 – Limb’s Whims

    It was a week of great tumult in the world of Doctor Who, with the leaking of the first five scripts for Series 8 taking the internet by storm and sending Whovians into spasms of joy, guilt, fear and loathing. Though the scripts have presumably spread far and wide, Who-dom ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #429 – Busy Nothing Hyperspace

    It was an exciting week in the world of Doctor Who, with a new teaser, with news of the return of the Cybermen, the addition of the esteemed Frank Cottrell Boyce to the writers team (plus another female director, Sheree Folkson, joining the production team), and a premiere screening taking ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #428 – Believe It Or Not

    The Series 8 news is slowly building as we hurtle towards August 23rd, the just-announced debut date for Peter Capaldi (aka P-Cap), the 12th (13th?) Doctor in a feature-length adventure called "Deep Breath". But mixed with excitement is disappointment for some fans, as there will be no San Diego Comic ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #427 – The Perils of Tharils

    With no Chris this week, Steven and Warren enlisted the help of erstwhile scribe, podcaster and gentleman japesman Kyle Anderson of the Nerdist, Doctor Who: The Writer's Room, WTF Are You Watching, and Awesomely Bad Movies fame. Much fun was had as news of comics, schedules, and action dollies (oh ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #426 – Telesnap Crackle Pop

    Fancy a Doctor Who historical? Even those that don't exist anymore (for now)? The Three Who Rule certainly did, and so writer John Lucarotti, the scribe behind “Marco Polo,” “The Aztecs,” and “The Massacre (of St. Bartholomew’s Eve)" was the focus of this week’s Miniscope. Warren decided to go down ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #425 – Rupu’s Drag Race

    The randomizer, it has been noted, can be a harsh mistress. Bear that in mind when you cast an ear to our commentary to "Frontios", the somewhat maligned but still intriguing apocalyptic Fifth Doctor tale of hunger, strife, fascism and….giant snails. And if slimy Tractators aren’t your thing, tune in ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #424 – The Day of The Day of the Doctor

    The Three Who Rule tuned their brainwaves to Doctor Who Magazine’s latest poll naming all of our favourite show’s stories from best to worst, along with favourite (and not so favourite) Doctors, companions, and other movers and shakers. Did they agree with the choices of thousands upon thousands of fans? ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #423 – The Life Aquatic with Michael E Briant

    Doctor Who is coming back in August, and the internet has the brief, presumably-Capaldi-silhouette-filled trailer to prove it! But the RFS lads were equally enamoured with a recently released fan trailer of P-Cap and J-Co traipsing around in the rain, made by none other than the mysterious John Smith, who ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #422 – Nobody Slaps Cyril Shaps

    A shocking (O’ the Quawncing Grig) amount of news this week, including the inclusion of Tank Girl director Rachel Talalay as a Series Eight helmer for two episodes, Doctor Who returning to Lanzorate for the aforementioned Series Eight, A Doctor Who comics Humble Bundle, and more! By far the coolest ...

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Radio Free Skaro #431 – Click here to listen!

rfs431With San Diego Comic Con looming, roving Radio Free Skaro reporter Warren Frey took it upon himself to interview Andrew James, the editor of the new Doctor Who range at Titan Comics. James spilled the beans on SDCC plans, a Doctor Who Day promotion across the U.S. and the U.K. and much more, but first…a massive (one could even say Titan-ic) amount of news. From the leak of Deep Breath (or a somewhat unfinished version of it, anyway) to action dolly news, Big Finish updates and more, the Three Who Rule were overwhelmed by an avalanche of information. And all this without an official Doctor Who panel at Comic Con! Madness. Pure madness.
Show Notes:

- Series 8…Trailer!
- Series 8 Trailer…1974 Style!
- Deep Breath…Leaked!
- BBC Worldwide…Thanks Fans!
- Sanjeev Bhaskar…In Series 8!
- SPACE…Confirms Deep Breath Start Time!
- BFI…Sci Fi: Days Of Fear And Wonder!
- The Radiophonic Workshop…Plays The BFI!
- Doctor Who World Tour…Sydney Details!
- Doctor Who World Tour…Seoul Details!
- Big Finish…Adapts Missing Adventures!
- An Unearthly Child…LEGO!
- TARDIS And Eleventh Doctor…LEGO!
- 50th Anniversary Tribute…In LEGO!
- Classic Doctor Who DVD Compendium…Details!
- Cyber King…Figurine!
- Walgreens…To Stock Action Dollies!
- Pandorica…Yahtzee!
- Titans…Geronimo Wave!
- American…Doctors!
- Chicago TARDIS…Big Finish Guests!
- Chicago TARDIS…Writer Guests!
- Chicago TARDIS…Announces Mat Irvine!
- Chicago TARDIS…Announces Dominic Glynn!
- Titan Comics Day…Details!
- Titan Comics…SDCC Comic Pack!


- Andrew James…Of Titan Comics!

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Radio Free Skaro #414 – Click here to listen!

rfs414Only a mere month after the celebrations of Gallifrey One 2014, the 26th iteration of the best convention in the world…sold out in 75 minutes this Friday. The Three Who Rule, poised over their keyboards intently, managed to secure their registration and will be in Los Angles in February 2015, and hope to see many of you there! Gallifrey aside, there was news this week of bespoke music collections, a trailer for upcoming BBC America series Real History of Science Fiction, and a magnificent interview by one Mr Toby Hadoke of one Russell T. Davies in one Who’s Round podcast! And as if that’s not enough, we have a classic commentary of the Krotons, featuring robots, Philip Madoc, and quite psychedelic visuals in black and white!
Show Notes:

- The 26 Season of Gallifrey One…sold out!
- Toby Hadoke interviews…Russell T Davies!
- The Real History of SciFi…trailer!
- Silva Screen TARDIS music…box set!

Commentary (at 15:13):
- The…Krotons!

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Radio Free Skaro #397 – Click here to listen!

rfs397As Matt Smith’s time in Doctor Who approaches its end, the BBC is starting to ramp up promotion of Smith’s finale episode, “The Time of the Doctor”, with a new trailer and a series of very intriguing promo pics. These topics and more form some key discussion points for the Three Who Rule this week, but no stats this week in honour of Warren’s birthday celebrations! (Little does he know that there are no stats to discuss this week, anyway). However, the feature items in this week’s episode are two interviews from Chicago TARDIS. Dan Hall drops by again to give an update on the final two Pup Ltd related DVDs coming up in 2014, “The Moonbase” and “The Underwater Menace”, and the lovely Nina Toussaint-White (Mels from “Let’s Kill Hitler”) speaks to Steven in an interview recorded live on stage. Enjoy!
Show Notes:

- The Time of the Doctor…trailer!
- The Time of the Doctor…promo pics!
- The Time of the Doctor…media pack!
- The Time of the Doctor…airing December 26 in New Zealand!
- Douglas Mackinnon…returning to Doctor Who!
- BBC America says farewell…to Matt Smith!
- Doctor Who holiday programming…on Space!
- The Moonbase coming to Region 1 DVD…February 11!
- BBC Radiophonic Workshop…on BBC Radio 6!
- Power of the Daleks fanfilm…online!
- Doctor Who and Torchwood items…at Bonham’s auction!
- Official BBC…TARDIS app!

Chicago TARDIS Interview:
- Dan Hall
- Nina Toussaint-White

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Radio Free Skaro #396 – Click here to listen!

rfs396Statspocalypse! Yes, in a moment that Warren has feared since the inception of Radio Free Skaro, the 50th Anniversary generated stats to such a degree that they may have become sentient and declared war on humanity. And despite Warren’s hatred of the Devil Numbers, Radio Free Skaro gave you, the listener, comprehensive coverage of viewing figures, iPlayer requests, and other such pointless spreadsheetery.

But it wasn’t all stats (thankfully)! News of Other Doctor dollies, in-depth articles on 3D and the Radiophonic Workshop and more besides peppered the news list, leading up to the main event, the Missing Episodes panel from Chicago TARDIS, featuring Ed Stradling and Dan Hall of the DVD range and our own Steven as moderator. Note to Gallifrey Base users: Try not to divine rumour and nonsense from the facts and statements of truth in said panel. That is all. Thank you and good day! (puts on bowler hat, storms off stage left)

Show Notes:

- Coming soon…The Time of the Doctor!
- The Time of the Doctor…December 25, 730pm on BBC One!
- …The Time of the Doctor…December 25, 800pm ET on Space!
- …The Time of the Doctor…December 25, 900pm on BBC America!
- …The Time of the Doctor…December 26, 730pm on ABC1!
- The Time of the Doctor…snippets!
- The Time of the Doctor…more snippets!
- The Day of the Doctor…final viewing figures on BBC One!
- The Day of the Doctor…record iPlayer requests!
- The Day of the Doctor…record figures on Space!
- The Day of the Doctor…record figures on BBC America!
- The Day of the Doctor…UK box office numbers!
- The Day of the Doctor…US box office numbers!
- The Day of the Doctor…3D technology!
- The Day of the Doctor…visual effects!
- The Day of the Doctor…DVD details!
- Paul McGann on…his surprise return!
- Milk to do the visual effects…for Series 8!
- An Adventure in Space and Time…BFI Q&A extract!
- Waris Hussein’s script…for An Unearthly Child!
- Radio Times article on…the Restoration Team!
- BFI Eleventh Doctor event…guests announced!
- The Enemy of the World and An Adventure…Canadian DVD exclusive release!
- Radiophonic Workshop…revised Doctor Who theme!
- Radiophonic Workshop…article in The Guardian!
- The Other Doctor…action figure!
- Doctor Who Cuttings Archive…returns!
- New Doctor Who…puzzle app!
- Doctor Who Adventures…interactive edition!
- BBC Worldwide…closes Los Angeles video games division!
- The Quest for Pedler…pre-orders available!
- Barry Jackson…dies, sadly.


- Blue Box Podcast Episode 79 – Fast Return

Chicago TARDIS Missing Episodes Panel:
- Dan Hall
- Ed Stradling

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Radio Free Skaro #395 – Click here to listen!

rfs395As if the build-up to and the celebration of Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary wasn’t enough, the very next week after “The Day of the Doctor” wowed and amazed countless fans worldwide, more than two thousand of those fans gathered at Chicago TARDIS to revel in the celebration. Join Steven, with special guests Graeme Burk, Ken Deep, and David and Marty Hooie as they reminisce about another successful edition of the annual Midwestern convention. But that’s not all! Steven spent the weekend gathering interviews with many of the guests, both onstage and off, and the first of these is presented to you here: an onstage interview with everybody’s favourite Sontaran, Dan Starkey, famous for his wonderful portrayal of Strax. Listen for more interviews in future weeks from Chicago TARDIS!

Show Notes:

- Chicago…TARDIS!

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Radio Free Skaro #392 – Click here to listen!

rfs392It was truly a momentous week for Doctor Who fans everywhere as they got not one, nor two, but THREE different trailers for ‘The Day of the Doctor’ from the BBC (twice!), BBC America, and, inadvertently early, BBC Latin America. While everyone is busy frame advancing through those to find out clues about the 50th Anniversary Special, a metric ton of news also dropped this week which helped push this episode of Radio Free Skaro past the two hour mark. But how could you go wrong with a Philip Segal Miniscope in the form of a TV Movie commentary with guest Neil Perryman? Answer: you can’t. Enjoy, and be content that we are now less than two weeks away from the anniversary weekend…
Show Notes:

- The Day of the Doctor…extended trailer!
- The Day of the Doctor…trailer!
- The Day of the Doctor…BBC America trailer!
- The Day of the Doctor…preview clip!
- The Day of the Doctor…media pack!
- #SaveTheDay…website!
- The Day of the Doctor…BBC Three after party!
- The Day of the Doctor…InnerSPACE Live after party!
- Matt Smith and David Tennant…on the Graham Norton show!
- An Adventure in Space and Time…airs November 21 on BBC Two!
- An Adventure in Space and Time…airs November 22 on Space!
- An Adventure in Space and Time…airs November 22 on BBC America!
- An Adventure in Space and Time…coming to Region 2 DVD on December 2!
- Doctor Who dominates BBC America…November 18-24!
- Doctor Who…BBC Red Button content!
- The Enemy of the World…DVD details!
- Unreleased trailer for…The Tenth Planet!
- Radiophonic Workshop…performance and back catalog reissues!!
- Silva Screen…Doctor Who 50th Anniversary box sets!
- The Science of Doctor Who…trailer!
- The Science of Doctor Who…preview clip!
- Eleventh Doctor ebook penned…by Neil Gaiman!
- Official BBC Worldwide…Sonic Screwdriver app!
- Doctor Who wins BBC Radio 1 Teen Award…for Best Drama!
- The Eternity Clock sequels…cancelled!
- Doctor Who Celebration…programming schedule!
- David Banks and Ricco Ross…coming to Gallifrey One!
- Coming soon…Chicago TARDIS!
- The Ood Cast…Live!


- Philip Segal


- Neil Perryman

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Radio Free Skaro #375 – Click here to listen!

rfs375With San Diego Comic Con looming in just a week’s time, the news list was filled to bursting with silly plastic dolls, lunch boxes and of course the con itself, which will feature a Sunday session with Steven Moffat, Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman, and Mark Gatiss, as well as the iconic David Bradley who appears as the iconic William Hartnell in the iconic Adventures in Space and Time. But before SDCC comes the BBC Proms, a snippet of which you will hear on this very program! Toss in DVDs, ebooks, telesnaps and more and you’ve got a veritable gumbo of podcast goodness of #sharknado proportions. But wait, there’s more! A “The Bells of Saint John” commentary with which to fill your earholes with mirth, glee and mirth-glee! Listen! Now!
Show Notes:

- Doctor Who at the…2013 BBC Proms!
- Doctor Who…at San Diego Comic-Con!
- An Adventure in Space and Time…promo pic!
- Steven Moffat interviewed…by Entertainment Weekly!
- The Fourth Doctor…Time Capsule DVD Set!
- Doctor Who: The Monsters Collection…on DVD!
- Doctor Who Complete Series 7…box set!
- New Seventh Doctor…e-book!
- Doctor Who Magazine Second Doctor…Missing Episodes Special!
- British Icon…Dalek!
- SDCC First and Eleventh Doctors…action doll exclusives!
- SDCC Exclusive…Ace action figure!
- Chicago…TARDIS!


- The Bells…of Saint John!

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Radio Free Skaro #345 – Click here to listen!

All good things come to an end, and so it must be with the series of interviews Steven conducted at Chicago TARDIS. But we end with none other than Gary Russell, someone who has done so much not only in the world of Doctor Who but also in a myriad of other creative pursuits. From his start as a child actor on the Famous Five to his work as editor of Doctor Who magazine and his years as script editor of the show itself, Russell has seen and done it all.

And of course it wouldn’t be an episode of RFS without a lot of meandering discussion, news, and a palpable excitement for Gallifrey, which is merely a month away. Hooray!

Show Notes:

- BFI…Screenings!
- Delia…Derbyshire Day!
- Big Finish…Celebrates The 50th Anniversary!
- Queers Dig…Time Lords!
- Eoin Colfer…Writes For Doctor Who!


- Gary…Russell!

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Radio Free Skaro #342 – Click here to listen!

The impending arrival of Christmas Day means two things: excitement for “The Snowmen” is rising to fever pitch, and…Chris is super busy and couldn’t be part of this week’s proceedings. Steven and Warren made up for his absence by immediately taking the whole business off the rails and discussing the Hobbit’s use of 48fps. After much debate and incorrect references to VidFIRE, the duo got back to business and discussed the week’s news before seguing into Steven’s interviews with both composer and production sound expert Mark Ayres and the voices behind Verity!, a new all-female podcast coming soon to your local internet.

Stay tuned on December 26th (known as Boxing Day here in the frozen wilds of Canada and as Wednesday in the US of A) for our review of “The Snowmen”!

Show Notes:

- Theme tune and opening titles…revamped!
- New TARDIS interior…revealed!
- Christmas minisode…Vastra Investigates!
- Doctor Who…at the BFI!
- Freema Agyeman…coming to Gallifrey One!
- Doctor Who…DVD news!
- Doctor Who…vinyl figures!


- Mark…Ayres!
- A new Doctor Who podcast…Verity!

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Radio Free Skaro #339 – Click here to listen!

The Three Who Rule were reunited (and it felt so good) with Steven’s return from Chicago TARDIS…bearing the gift of an interview with Nick Briggs, Jason Haigh-Ellery, and Paul Spragg, whose sterling work in the dramatic audio arts can be appreciated by all and sundry at www.bigfinish.com. News was sparse this week as we enter the calm before the Christmas Special storm, but numerous puzzling references to Ke$ha, a quite sweary Warren and 15 minutes of nonsensical pre-game banter padded out the proceedings nicely.
Show Notes:

- Chicago…TARDIS!
- The Snowmen…synopsis!
- Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special…confirmed!
- Character Options…Series 3 Micro-Figures!
- Christopher Hamilton Bidmead…Making it Boring!
- Subscribers Get More At…BigFinish.com!

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