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Radio Free Skaro #672 – Jenny and the Bets

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With Gallifrey One Month almost upon us, there’s only one more chance for STATS! to make Warren’s life a living hell, and the other Two Who Rule jumped at the chance like the animals they are, but also found the kindness to share with you, dear listener, news of Big Finish, Series 12 filming in South Africa, and one David Tennant starting his own podcast of chinwagging with his actor friends. Plus we have the last of our Chicago TARDIS interviews, with none other than Catrin Stewart!

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Radio Free Skaro Fluid Links Advent Calendar on YouTube
Gallifrey One schedule now online via Sched
Radio Free Skaro will open Gally with “VidFIRE and Fury”, with guests Colin Baker, Pearl Mackie, Steve Roberts, Mark Ayres, Paul Vanezis and Richard Molesworth
Radio Free Skaro Gally meetup, Friday at Noon, Program C
Walter Koenig and Ben Wheatley announced for Gally
Series 11 stats highs and lows
Series 12 filming in South Africa
Delta and the Bannermen wrap party video
Saward Dalek books due in hardcover in 2019 and paperback, with Target notations, in 2020
Tom Baker on Graham Norton’s radio show, talking about Scratchman
David Tennant launches a podcast
Big Finish Gallifrey: Time War 2 due in March
Big Finish adapting Doctor Who Weekly comics, volume 1 due in March
Things to do while waiting for Series 12, including listening to Radio Free Skaro


Catrin Stewart
Chicago TARDIS

Radio Free Skaro #213 – Chimeron You Crazy Diamond

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So it’s come to this… the final installment of the summer Classic Series Commentary series has arrived, and oh what an arrival it was. Delta and the Bannermen gets put through one end of the RFS grinder and goodness only knows what will come out the other end. Warren’s notorious hatred of Sylvester McCoy’s tenure underlies the episode, but what did he think of the story when all was said and done? Add to that the collective pants-wetting over the upcoming release of The Seeds of Doom on DVD and pretty much the entire gamut of human emotion comes through in this episode of Radio Free Skaro!
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Delta…And The Bannermen!