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Radio Free Skaro #673 – The Way We Were

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The most wonderful time of the year for the Three Who Rule is upon us as the 30th edition of Gallifrey One is right around the corner. Before we look ahead to this year’s event next week with our annual Gallifrey One preview show, join us as we take a look back at the previous ten years of the convention and our experiences with it, and how the greatest Doctor Who convention on Earth has helped make this podcast what it is today.

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Gallifrey One
Gallifrey One 2019 schedule via Sched
Radio Free Skaro will open Gally with “VidFIRE and Fury”, with guests Colin Baker, Pearl Mackie, Steve Roberts, Mark Ayres, Paul Vanezis and Richard Molesworth
Radio Free Skaro Gally meetup, Friday at Noon, Program C
Tony Curran announced for Gally
Doctor Who 4th most popular programme on iPlayer
Infinite Quest/Dreamland Blu-Ray
Jodie Whittaker will be on Episode 3 of David Tennant’s podcast, due February 11
Clive Swift died

Radio Free Skaro #189 – Do You Like Movies About Gladiators?

Radio Free Skaro #189 – Click here to listen

Series Fnarg – check that, Series Five – premiere news was the order of the day as the UK, US and Australia have all announced details about their respective launches while Canada sits in the background taking notes. From the bus to the cinema to conventions to the web, all the bases are covered as the BBC prepares to launch the new series of Doctor Who. Thankfully the banter gets broken up by the usual raft of fictitious awards and fictitious polls otherwise we could go on and on about global distribution of Doctor Who… and really, who needs that?
Show Notes:

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The Eleventh Hour…date and time set!
Doctor Who…Magical Mystery Tour!
The Eleventh Hour…in the cinema!
The Eleventh Hour…at WonderCon!
Doctor Who…online in Australia!
Doctor Who…on BBC Radio 7!
Doctor Who wins…a fictitious award!
The Doctor is…the Greatest Screen Doctor!
Dreamland R1 DVD…delayed!
Andrew Smith…comes full circle!
Doctor Who is…Doctor Wii?
New Character Options figures for…the Eleventh Doctor!
WhoNews…iPhone app!

Radio Free Skaro #185 – Bo! Sco! Fo! Do! No! Kro! Blo! Co! Sho! Ro!

Radio Free Skaro #185 – Click here to listen

After the “incident” with Chris on Friday that resulted in no podcast being released for the first official day of Gallifrey 21, Radio Free Skaro returned today in full force with interviews with Nick Briggs, Phil Ford, and Rob Shearman. Listen to these three fine gentlemen regale you with tales of woe, whimsy, and water – not necessarily in that order. NOTE: Chris’s appearance on this podcast is purely due to contractual obligation. We cannot comment on any rumours that have been circulating about Chris’s future on Radio Free Skaro.
Show Notes:

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Love Songs…for the Shy and Cynical!

Dreamland North America DVD Release

DoctorWho_DreamlandAlong with the previously-announced releases on May 4, it has now been announced that Dreamland, the recent animated episode written by Phil Ford, will see a release on the same day in a 2-disc set. As has previously been noted on Radio Free Skaro, the bulk of the bonus features are the Greatest Moments montage specials transmitted last year in the UK, however a commentary will be included.

Read more at tvshowsondvd.com.