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Radio Free Skaro #184 – Feasts of Stevens

Radio Free Skaro #184 – Click here to listen

In the second of our daily Gallifrey podcasts, the Three Who Rule delved into the shiny, circular world of Who on DVD with special guests Steve Roberts of the Restoration Team and Steve Manfred of the Doctor Who DVD FAQ. Behind the scenes documentaries, animated Who, and the dicey state of the TV Movie ever appearing in North America were only a few of the topics covered by these fine gentlemen. All that and news, special appearances by fellow podcasters, and the usual whimsy you’ve come to expect from us. Enjoy!
Show Notes:

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– Gallifrey…One!
– BBC America Series Fnarg starts…April 17th!
– Restoration…Team!
Doctor Who DVD…FAQ!
Sci-Fi…Party Line!
– BBC…Shownar!

Radio Free Skaro #183 – The Elephant in the Room

Radio Free Skaro #183 – Click here to listen

Day One of Gallifrey for Radio Free Skaro was a wild, crazy time, consisting mostly of a vast podcast summit between several renowned Doctor Who podcasters, as well as ourselves. Some of this podcest made its way up to The Lobby at the LAX Marriott, where eight podcasters, including a rare appearance from all four members of Tachyon TV, succeeded in firmly planting their feet in their mouths. Be warned…

Radio Free Skaro #182 – The Oncoming Storm

Radio Free Skaro #182 – Click here to listen

With mere days to go before Gallifrey 2010 in Los Angeles, the Three Who Rule took it upon themselves to conduct their now-annual rundown of the panels, guests, goings-on and shenanigans sure to occur, all in the name of informing our dear listeners how often we’ll be hung over (answer: often.) Stay tuned all this week for daily podcasts, special guests and the most fun you can legally have involving Doctor Who and cast of thousands (well, a thousand and change.) Not all was silent from The Beeb this week, however, as the start date for Series Fnarg has been announced for April 3 on BBC One, hot on the heels of the new trailer for Matt Smith’s debut run.
Show Notes:

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Series Fnarg…New Trailer!
Lizo Says…The Eleventh Hour Is 60 Minutes!
Fictitious…SFX Awards!
Fictitious…Saturn Award Nominations!
David Tennant…Single Father!
The Caves of Androzani…Revisited!
Seventh Doctor…In Action With A Dalek!
Chicks Dig…Time Lords!

Radio Free Skaro #181 – Purple Monkey Dishwasher

Radio Free Skaro #181 – Click here to listen

The Three Who Rule created their own news this week by dropping a small bombshell into the world of Doctor Who fandom by being the first to reveal official BBC details of the upcoming Series Fnarg. Once that was coyly dealt with, and after a dark, sinister, and negative experience watching The End of Time Part One last week, the Three Who Rule were in finer spirits for their second outing in Finale-Stan, the catchily-titled “The End of Time Part Two”. Between Chris’s endless (no really, they just wouldn’t end) gags about slash writers and the occasionally engaging spectacle onscreen, your erstwhile hosts proved to be much more affable on this leg of the excursion, and bile was replaced by hope and optimism as Matt Smith crashed onto our screens and into our coal-black, ginger-hating hearts. Geronimo.
Show Notes:

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Gallifrey One…Schedule!
The Eleventh Hour…Is An Hour!
The Return Of…An Old Monster!
The Return Of…Matthew Graham!
Paterson Joseph…Almost The Doctor!
1980s Who…Politically Subversive?
Douglas Adams…Celebrated!

The End…Of Time!


Radio Free Skaro Invades Gallifrey 21

The countdown is on to Gallifrey 21, the world’s foremost Doctor Who convention, which gets underway on February 26 in Los Angeles, California. The Three Who Rule will be there for the second straight year, having enjoyed themselves immensely when they attended Gallifrey 20 in February 2009. If you, dear readers and listeners, are headed there this year, too, you will have the time of your lives. If you can’t make it to LA, then Radio Free Skaro has you covered, as there will be daily RFS podcasts from Gallifrey from Wednesday, February 24 to Sunday, February 28.

Each episode will be packed with interviews with actors, writers, and directors from Doctor Who, as well as the typical japery and nonsense that usually accompanies Radio Free Skaro podcasts. So keep checking the feeds and iTunes starting on February 24 as Radio Free Skaro brings the Gallifrey experience to you!

Until then, why not dip back into last year’s coverage and enjoy interviews we did with Rob Shearman, Toby Hadoke, and many others?

Radio Free Skaro #122 – Live From Gallifrey
Phil Collinson Interview
Radio Free Skaro #123 – Shearman After Dark
Toby Hadoke Interview
Radio Free Skaro #124 – Two Scoops of Hooray
Radio Free Skaro #125 – Toclafantastic
David J. Howe Interview
Gallifrey Podcast Panel
Steve Roberts Interview
Simon Guerrier Interview
So You Want To Podcast Doctor Who?

Radio Free Skaro #179 – No Scutage in Eternity

Radio Free Skaro #179 – Click here to listen

The news of a Doctor Who movie sent The Three Who Rule so far past the point of bile they circled back around to apathy, but not without taking a few hostages along the way. In a slow news week to end all slow news weeks, digression and hatred were employed like plow horses in an effort to simply fill time. Steven points the gun of spite squarely in a new direction, Warren wastes no time in slagging off other Sci Fi TV shows and Chris even sings a few bars… it’s just that kind of episode.
Show Notes:

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Gallifrey One…Schedule!
Doctor Who…US Movie?!
Phil Ford Writes…a CBBC Game Show!
RTD…On Target!
Matt Smith’s Action Figure…Elusive!
Smith & Jones…Script!
John Barrowman…Desperate!
Restoration Of…The Space Museum and The Chase!
Next North American…DVD Releases (Part 1)!
Next North American…DVD Releases (Part 2)!
Underworld…DVD Extras!
The Talons of Weng-Chiang…Revisited!

Radio Free Skaro #178 – Fnargengruven

Radio Free Skaro #178 – Click here to listen

rfs178In a move that could be precipitated only by Slownewsweekor, the Three Who Rule relied upon Torchwood discussion to fuel the latest Radio Free Skaro episode. The news of Torchwood maybe coming to America hit like a ton of bricks and startled much of the Doctor Who world, causing panic and looting; there may or may not have been talk of small children getting crushed underfoot as a result.
Show Notes:

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Gallifrey One…Schedule!
Fictitious…National Television Awards!
Doctor Who…Video Games!
The Space Museum…DVD Extras!
The Chase…DVD Extras!
The Time Monster…DVD Extras!
The Creature From The Pit…DVD Extras!
The Horns of Nimon…DVD Extras!

Radio Free Skaro #162 – Maloney Sandwich

Radio Free Skaro #162 – Click here to listen

A new logo, new location pics, and confirmation that the BBC is indeed going along with the madness of referring to Matt Smith’s junior outing as the Doctor as “Series 1.” The Three Who Rule also engaged in a spirited discussion about the possibility of an international iPlayer, as well as devoted the ever-popular Miniscope to the work of David Maloney, one of Doctor Who’s finest visualists and a gentleman director to spare. Allons-y!

Note: this episode was recorded before the passing of Barry Letts on October 9.

Show Notes:

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Radio Free Skaro…on SPACE!
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Peter Davison…cancels!
Colin Baker…writes a book!
2010 Doctor Who…Cruise!
Doctor Who…new logo!
Andrew Gunn…confirmed!
Richard Curtis…spills the beans!
BBC approved…location pics!
Confirmed – it’s…Series 1!
Hornet’s Nest…The Dead Shoes!

Miniscope Links (David Maloney):
The Mind…Robber!
The…War Games!
Planet of…the Daleks!
Genesis of the…Daleks!
Planet of…Evil!
The Deadly…Assassin!
The Talons of…Weng-Chiang!

Radio Free Skaro interviews Toby Hadoke

Radio Free Skaro Interviews Toby Hadoke – Click here to listen

Later on the Saturday at Gallifrey, Toby Hadoke, hours before going on stage for the North American debut of his hit one-man show Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf, sat down with Warren to have a chat about the play and his love of the show in general. (Again, here’s the audio, with the video version to come later) :

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