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Radio Free Skaro #365 – Fondant Surprise

Radio Free Skaro #365 – Click here to listen!

Northern England in the Victorian era, monsters, lizards, Sontarans, lame GPS jokes and latched-on kidlet drama all made “The Crimson Horror” a roller coaster ride of emotion for the Three Who Rule. But was it a ride full of thrills and chills or merely a routine trundle through well-worn paths of dramaturgy? Were endless stats enough to send Warren into a fit of apoplectic rage? Do nerds get angry about any and all news about the 50th anniversary special? All these questions will be answered in this exciting episode of Radio Free Skaro! Except the nerdrage, that’s one of life’s eternal mysteries.
Show Notes:

The Crimson…Horror!
Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS…overnights!
Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS…appreciation index!
Hide…final ratings!
Cold War…final ratings!
The new executive producer is…Brian Minchin!
The 50th Anniversary Special contains…no classic series Doctors!
The Name of the Doctor prequel…coming to Red Button!
K-9…USB hub!
The Sixth Doctor…at the BFI!
The Doctors Revisted revisits…Earthshock!
The Snowmen…on DVD/Blu-ray somewhere!
The Moonbase…coming to DVD!
Big Finish’s The Light at the End…features many cameos!
Coming soon…Queers Dig Time Lords!

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Radio Free Skaro #364 – Smoke on the Horizon

Radio Free Skaro #364 – Click here to listen!

For decades, fans of Doctor Who have been wondering and dreaming of what amazing thrills and sights exist within The Doctor’s TARDIS. The 50th Anniversary of the programme seems to be an appropriate time to finally peel back the curtain on The Doctor’s magical time-space machine, and Stephen Thompson’s script, free of crippling 20th century BBC budgets, took us for a ride. But what did the Three Who Rule think? After that, Chris and Steven are joined by Erika and Katrina from Verity! in Calgary, talking about the massive event that is Calgary Expo, which attracted 60,000 fans (and many Doctor Who cosplayers) to southern Alberta this weekend. Enjoy!
Show Notes:

Journey To The Centre…of the TARDIS!
Hide…final viewing figures!
Hide…appreciation index!
Nightmare in Silver…synopsis!
Doctor Who Create a Soundtrack…Competition!
Doctor Who Regeneration…DVD Box Set!
Jon Pertwee DVD…documentary!
Gallifrey One…Guest Update!
A Celebration of Doctor Who…at Depaul University!

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Radio Free Skaro #363 – Ghost Lite

Radio Free Skaro #363 – Click here to listen!

Awoooooo! Scary stuff! That’s what this week’s instalment of Doctor Who was, as “Hide”, a tautly written and directed thriller, enthralled many a fan and viewer. But what did the Three Who Rule think? They were widely split with their opinions of writer Neil Cross’s first effort, “The Rings of Akhaten”; will Cross make Chris cross, or will it be smooth sailing for all involved? Also discussed are changing pronunciations of planet names throughout the years (because, yes, Metebelis-gate is casually mentioned in this episode), the title of the Series 7b finale, the return of the Doctor Who Proms, and some exciting action figures coming your way later this year. Awooooo!
Show Notes:

Cold War…Appreciated!
The Rings of Akhaten…Final BBC Ratings!
Series 7 Finale…Title!
Series 7B…Final Four Movie Posters!
Doctor Who…Returns to the Proms!
The Snowmen…DVD/BD Region 1 Release Date!
Chris Chibnall…Returning to Doctor Who?
The Daemons…Action Figures!

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Radio Free Skaro #359 – Whether You Like It Or Not

Radio Free Skaro #359 – Click here to listen!

The upcoming book “JN-T: The Life and Scandalous Times of John Nathan-Turner” is quite possibly the most controversial account of the behind-the-scenes world of Doctor Who ever published, delving into the, at times, seedy side of the life of the long time producer of Doctor Who. It also covers, with astonishing detail, the trials and tribulations that occurred during the making of the programme in the 1980s when the BBC were increasingly trying to kill it. We present an interview with the book’s author, Richard Marson, who explains the amount of work that went into researching the biography, as well as discuss his own experiences and opinions on the man who was responsible for Doctor Who for an entire decade. But before that, Chris and Steven yammer about the news of the week, and look forward to new Doctor Who in less than a week’s time!
Show Notes:

The Bells of St John…”Prequel”!
The Bells of St John…BBC One Transmission Time!
The Bells of St John…Trailer!
The Bells of St John…Clips!
Series 7B…Trailers!
Series 7B…First Four Titles and Synopses!
Series 7B…Movie-Style Posters!
Matt Smith…Leaving In 2013?
Private Eye…Talks Caro Skinner!
Red Nose Day…Doctor Who Clip!
Doctor Who Magazine…First Doctor Special!
Australia Gets The Bells of St John…On March 31!
Australia Doesn’t Get…Advance iView Episodes!
Series 7B…North American DVD/BD Release Date!
Visitation Special Edition DVD…Details!
Doctor Who…Another Entertainment Weekly Cover!


JN-T: The Life and Scandalous Times…of John Nathan-Turner!

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