• Radio Free Skaro #417 – Arcturan Mega-Donkey

    Pertwee! Jo! Troughton the younger! An incontinent skull! With a cast like that it can only be the Three Who Rule's commentary on "The Curse of Peladon"! Watch a prince in short pants fight a revolution, superstition and a questionable monster suit in this Third Doctor...classic? Also, news and discussion, ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #416 – Random Access Memories

    Sadly, a trio of recent deaths in the Doctor Who world lead off this week's episode, as we remember the contributions of writer/actor Glyn Jones, director Derek Martinus, and the Rani herself, Kate O'Mara. But with new Doctor Who still months away, trickles of information are beginning to emerge as ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #415 – More Of A Table Wine

    It’s the return of the Miniscope! The focus this time is on Michael Hayes, the accomplished director who at first blush wanted nothing to do with Doctor Who but learned to love the show after directing "The Androids of Tara", "The Armageddon Factor" and the rightly beloved "City of Death". ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #414 – Caesar Salad

    Only a mere month after the celebrations of Gallifrey One 2014, the 26th iteration of the best convention in the world…sold out in 75 minutes this Friday. The Three Who Rule, poised over their keyboards intently, managed to secure their registration and will be in Los Angles in February 2015, ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #413 – Block Transfer Computation

    It’s the return of Fluid Links! Yes, everyone’s favourite mercury-based connection thingy is back, and we’ve got (some) of your questions to hash over, cogitate upon, and generally discuss. Good thing too, because the news is pretty thin on the ground this week. But there is talk of intriguing Season ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #412 – Ahearne It Through The Grapevine

    The Three Who Rule are travelling back in time this week to the wild, wooly days of 2005, when a certain program about a madman in a box first re-graced our screens after a long, long hiatus. Though we take the success of Doctor Who as a matter of course ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #411 – Kicking the Styres

    The classic commentary returns to Radio Free Skaro, in the form of a brief but enticing little number known as "The Sontaran Experiment"! Despite its quick running time, the adventures of Styre and Friends packs in adventure, spills, stunts, Terry Walsh in an unconvincing wig, and a pint-sized pugilist from ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #410 – Love From Gallifrey, Boys

    With Gallifrey One 2014 behind them, the Three Who Rule rallied their weakened, battle-scarred livers and turned their attention to Matt Smith’s last hurrah, "The Time of the Doctor". Much appreciation! Such regeneration! But first, news, updates and other matters of import! And next week, the classic series commentaries return ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #409 – Gallifrey Falls No More

    The year's most anticipated event on the calendar of the Three Who Rule and many thousands other Doctor Who fans has come and gone as Gallifrey One: 25 Glorious years has now concluded! Over 3700 attendees, guests, and volunteers enjoyed the event, and Radio Free Skaro was proud to be ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #408 – The Case of the Missing Episodes

    Day two of Gallifrey One 2014, and the bright eye of the Three Who Rule cast its fiery, lidless wrath upon the missing episodes. Steven and Chris interview Restoration Team head and video genius Steve Roberts on his own, and missing episode experts Damian Shanahan and Jon Preddle together. But ...

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Radio Free Skaro #320 – Click here to listen!

The latter part of our commentary of the Tom Baker classic “The Seeds of Doom” dominates this week’s episode of Radio Free Skaro as, once again, our friend Josh Zimon from The Memory Cheats joins us to talk over the dastardly exploits of the vile Harrison Chase. Before that, though, the Three Who Rule hash over last week’s Comic-Con, serial dramas, bleeding sheep (possibly?), and the possible ennui that’s setting in regarding the buildup to Series 7 of Doctor Who. It’s a longer episode this week, but we promise a shorter, more rage filled episode next week as Warren will be forced to watch three stories from the Sylvester McCoy era…
Show Notes:

- The Doctor Who Experience…is open in Cardiff!
- BBC Television Centre…sold!
- Doctor Who…mini vinyl figures!
- Doctor Who not Lego…dematerializing TARDIS!
- Doctor Who not Lego…Let’s Kill Hitler playset!
- Doctor Who not Lego…The Girl Who Waited playset!
- Doctor Who…bathrobes!
- Doctor Who…The Memory Cheats!


- The Seeds of…Doom! Parts 3-6!

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As many of you know, Radio Free Skaro recently opened the Gallifrey 23 convention in Los Angeles with our live show featuring Camille Coduri, Simon Fisher-Becker, Dalek operator Barnaby Edwards, director Toby Haynes and Gary Russell. Warren has been putting together the video version of the live show and you’ll see it here very soon, but for now here’s a small teaser, the introductory video that we ran before the show itself.

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Radio Free Skaro #298 – Click here to listen!

Our Gallifrey One coverage concludes for another year as we chat with some gentlemen who played integral roles in launching Doctor Who in the 1960s and 1990s. First up, Ian Chesterton, Sir Ian, Knight of Jaffa himself, the amazing William Russell joins Steven and Ken Deep in reminiscing about what Doctor Who and TV production in general was like in the early days of the programme. Following that, An Unearthly Child and Marco Polo director Waris Hussein outlines his role in helping to create the longest running science fiction show ever. Fast forward three decades to the 1996 Fox TV Movie, the brainchild of Philip Segal, who discusses the many pitfalls that he encountered to get the 8th Doctor’s only televised adventure brought to our screens. And finally, we catch up with friend of the show Phil Ford about aliens, wizards, and tequila. And stay tuned at the end to hear Radio Free Skaro’s plans for the next few months while we wait for new Doctor Who!

Thanks to everyone who we met and those who we met again at Gally this year, and thanks to you, dear listener, for tuning in to our coverage. An utterly unforgettable weekend, and we’re already looking forward to coming back next year!

Show Notes:

- Gallifrey…One!

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Radio Free Skaro #227 – Click here to listen

For the first time in many months, the Three Who Rule were delighted to welcome Tachyon TV’s Neil Perryman back into the fold to not only discuss the week that was in Doctor Who, but to be present for Neil’s first commentary since watching The Stolen Earth 27 times in one weekend to prepare the last ever Tachyon TV commentary podcast. The episode in question is Gareth Roberts’ The Lodger, episode 11 of Series 5. As usual with Neil, the boundaries of decency for Radio Free Skaro were pushed ever further, as was the level of integrity and humour. A good time was had by all!
Show Notes:

- A Christmas Carol…at 6pm!
- Piers Wenger…talks Series 6!
- Peter Hoar…to direct Series 6?
- Marshall Lancaster…cast!
- New production staff for…Torchwood!
- Sarah Jane Adventures…viewing figures!
- Doctor Who coming to…Playstation Network!
- A new book called…Special Sound!
- Craig Ferguson…lost cold open!
- Sil and Peri…action figures!
- New Doctor Who: The Adventure Games…coming Christmas Day!
- Mazes of Time…preview!
- This Week in Doctor Who…returning!



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Radio Free Skaro #177 – Click here to listen

rfs177The retrospectives continue on Radio Free Skaro with The Three Who Rule again joined by TachyonTV’s Neil Perryman… though this week the world got flipped, turned upside down as the unthinkable happened: An episode dedicated to praising the work of Russell T Davies! Curmudgeor was not best pleased at the prospect and had to be subdued, but in the end the lads had a bit of a love-in for our favourite (read: only) NuWho show runner. Come share the warm fuzzies!
Show Notes:

- Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
- Steven on…The Minute Doctor Who Podcast!
- Gallifrey One…Panel Schedule!
- Doctor Who…Scripts!
- The End of Time…In New Zealand!
- Toby Haynes…Directs!
- The Masque of Mandragora…Restored!
- Mary Tamm Introduces…Tomorrow’s Times!
- The Specials Box Set…Oopsies!
- BBC…Shownar!

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Radio Free Skaro #176 – Click here to listen

rfs176One mini-break in the wilderness is over for Doctor Who and it’s time to look at the gap year that was as we head into the next wilderness mini-break, awaiting Matt Smith’s first series. To aid in the retrospective the Three Who Rule dragged Tachyon TV’s own Neil Perryman kicking and screaming into the (virtual) recording booth, Vinvocci style. More bile was flung about than a monkey can fling poop, though kudos were given where appropriate… but do we ever want to see a gap year again?
Show Notes:

- Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
- The End of Time…Part Two Ratings!
- The End of Time…Part Two Appreciated!
- BBC America…New Ratings Records!
- The End of Time…Goes To Australia!
- Series 5/1/31…Writers!
- Episode Title…Leaked!
- Murray Gold…Does More Music!
- National Television…Fictitious Awards!
- The Creature From The Pit…On DVD!
- The End of Time…Action Figures!
- SFX Weekender…Ticket Competition!
- The Writer’s Tale…Updated!
- BBC…Shownar!

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Radio Free Skaro #175 – Click here to listen

rfs175It’s the End of Time and the end of an era, and the Three Who Rule were all over the map in their praise and derision of David Tennant and RTD’s swan song. One thing they all did agree on was their palpable excitement over Matt Smith’s new Doctor and Steven Moffat’s upcoming stewardship of Doctor Who, and that it’ll be a long few months indeed before Spring 2010. Geronimo!
Show Notes:

- Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
- The End of Time…Part Two!
- Series 5/1/31…Trailer!
- The End of Time…Appreciated!
- Sarah Jane Adventures…Series 4!
- BBC…Shownar!

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Radio Free Skaro #174 – Click here to listen

rfs174So it’s come to this. More than a year after David Tennant announced he was leaving the role of the Doctor, through endless speculation, theorizing and fanwank, we’ve finally reached the Tenth Doctor’s penultimate adventure, and….the results are not good. In fact, they’re disastrous. The Three Who Rule were moved to anger, bile, and sadness at Russell T. Davies’ constant and unnecessary need to outdo himself, at The Master’s penchant for leaping and lightning, exacerbated by the fact that all three of your august hosts were in the same room at the same time. In fact, there may have been a monkey knife fight, you’ll just have to listen to find out. Allons-sigh.
Show Notes:

- Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
- The End of Time…Part One!
- Two Minute Time Lord reviews…the RTD era!
- The End of Time, Part One…viewing figures!
- The Waters of Mars on BBC America…best ratings ever!
- BBC America…Doctor Who marathon!
- BBC America…makes an oopsie!
- Doctor Who…missing episodes!
- Torchwood: Children of Earth…in Australia!
- BBFC clears DVD extras for…The Space Museum!
- BBFC clears DVD extras for…The Chase!
- Dreamland…DVD extra!
- Noel Clarke…on The Mutants DVD!
- Restoration Team wins…a fictitious award!
- BBC…Shownar!

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Radio Free Skaro #172 – Click here to listen

rfs172The surest sign of an impending deluge of press reports is upon The Three Who Rule — a slow news week, aka the calm before the storm. In what seems fitting for an audio podcast, most of the points of discussion involve audio work including a look at the recently transmitted “Shelved” which notes the reasons behind the cancellation of Shada (among other shows). Graeme Harper — only the second subject not to be chosen randomly — gets his turn in the Miniscope. Much well-earned fawning occurs over Harper’s Doctor Who ouevre along with lamentations over knowing Harper isn’t involved in Series 5/1/31.
Show Notes:

- Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
- Shada…Shelved!
- Doctor Who missing episodes…documentary!
- Steven Moffat…on Night Waves!
- Tennant…idents!
- Doctor Who TVM DVD…revisited!
- Wendy Padbury…joins Big Finish!
- BBC…Shownar!

Miniscope Links (Graeme Harper):
- The Caves of…Androzani!
- Revelation…of the Daleks!
- Rise…of the Cybermen!
- The Age…of Steel!
- Army…of Ghosts!
- Doomsday…!
- 42…I
- Utopia…!
- Time…Crash!
- Planet…of the Ood!
- The Unicorn…and the Wasp!
- Turn…LeftI
- The Stolen…Earth!
- Journey’s…End!
- The Waters…of MarsI

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Radio Free Skaro #171 – Click here to listen

rfs171With the Three Who Rule reunited once more, and with the analytic powers of the Third Guy squarely aimed at schedules, Appreciation Indexes and other such numeric minutiae, a slow news week was transformed into quasi-random babble and buildup to the exciting segment you’ve all been waiting for….Douglas Camfield in the Miniscope. Praise for Camfield’s prodigious output was universal if varying in intensity, but all three hosts agreed the man was a force for good (for the show) and bad (for Dudley Simpson’s career.)
Show Notes:

- Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
- WhoNews…iPhone App!
- The End of Time…on BBC One!
- The End of Time…on SPACE!
- The End of Time…on BBC America!
- Doctor Who…Christmas idents!
- More Doctor Who…Christmas idents!
- The End of Time…clips!
- The End of Time…more clips
- Doctor Who…Adventure Calendar!
- John Barrowman says…Torchwood’s back!
- Doctor Who on…See Saw!
- Peladon box set…delayed?
- BBC…Shownar!

Miniscope Links (Douglas Camfield):
- Planet…of Giants!
- The…Crusade!
- The Time…Meddler!
- The Daleks’…Master Plan!
- The Web…of Fear!
- The…Invasion!
- Inferno…I
- Terror…of the Zygons!
- The Seeds…of Doom!