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Radio Free Skaro #305 – Richard Clark’s New New York’s Rockin’ Eve

Radio Free Skaro #305 – Click here to listen!

On the same weekend that The Doctor’s Wife, along with The Girl Who Waited and A Good Man Goes To War, was nominated for a Hugo Award, it was fitting that we discuss the assorted works of that episode’s director, Richard Clark, in the Miniscope. The Three Who Rule also give a good going over to the other three episodes that Clark helmed, namely Gridlock, The Lazarus Experiment, and Night Terrors, all the while comparing Clark to such diverse geniuses as Stanley Kubrick and George Martin. Also, a slow news week does at least contain some juicy tidbits about Series 7, which is currently going before the cameras in Cardiff. And just you wait to find out who we randomly draw for the next Miniscope…
Show Notes:

Chris Chibnall…Writes More Of Series 7!
Doctor Who…Nominated For The Hugo!!
Missing Episodes…Cardiff Screening!



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Radio Free Skaro #219 – Fixing A Hole

Radio Free Skaro #219 – Click here to listen

The Series 5 commentary series resumes this week with a look at the latter half of the stellar return of the Weeping Angels, “Flesh and Stone”. Instead of stunned silence, though, which one might expect to occur when watching something as entrancing as this, the Three Who Rule instead descended into heated arguments about Battlestar Galactica and the debatable merits of rock operas. One thing that they could all agree on, though, is that The Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone are fine examples of some of the best television ever made.
Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
Episodes 3 and 4…60 Minutes long?
New Producer…Marcus Wilson!
Doctor Who filming…in the USA!
Katherine Jenkins…sings in Doctor Who?
Day of the Daleks…coming to DVD!


Flesh…and Stone!

Radio Free Skaro #217 – You Won’t See Me

Radio Free Skaro #217 – Click here to listen

After taking the better part of September off to either move to, visit, or stay away from other continents, the Three Who Rule reconvened for their first regularly recorded episode of Radio Free Skaro since the hazy days of summer. And, lo! What a news list to come back to! Some old, most older, but all entirely relevant, otherwise it would have never been mentioned in the first place. And to top it off, there’s a commentary on perhaps the best New Series episode made to date, “The Time of Angels”. If you’re going to listen to one episode of Radio Free Skaro, make it this one! (And all the others, too.)
Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
Series 6 Filming…Commenced!
Toby Haynes…Directs!
International iPlayer…coming soon!
Synchronized Worldwide DVD releases…coming soon!
Jane Espenson writes…three Torchwood episodes!
Sarah Jane Adventures…coming October 11!
Sarah Jane Adventures…twice weekly!
Sarah Jane Adventures episodes…in detail!
Death of the Doctor…preview!
Suranne Jones…in Doctor Who!
The Waters of Mars…wins a Hugo!
Doctor Who…wins an award!
Doctor Who…wins another award!
Rob Shearman…wins an award!
David J Howe…wins an award!
Matt Smith…wins an award!
More Adventure Games…coming soon!
Sonic Screwdriver…Wiimote!
Sonic Screwdriver Stylus…for Nintendo DS!
Remembrance of the Daleks…action dolls!
Meglos…coming to DVD!
The Ark…coming to DVDf!
Future DVD release…rumours!
Sarah Jane Adventures Series 3 DVD…UK release date!
Sarah Jane Adventures Series 3 DVD…US release date!
Geoffrey Burgon…dies, sadly.
Murray Gold’s Specials Soundtrack…delayed!


The Time…Of Angels!

Adam Smith, Richard Clark Return To Direct Series 6

Doctor Who director Adam Smith

According to the CV of new Doctor Who production designer Michael Pickwoad, Adam Smith and Richard Clark will be returning to the director’s chair for Series 6 of Doctor Who, set to begin filming shortly.

Adam Smith, in our minds, was the directorial star of Matt Smith’s first series as The Doctor, successfully bringing The Eleventh Hour, The Time of Angels, and Flesh and Stone to the screen with great flair and panache. It would appear that Smith will be in charge of one of the first two blocks of filming, which apparently includes shooting on Neil Gaiman’s episode.

Richard Clark returns to Doctor Who for the first time since helming two Series 3 episodes, Gridlock and The Lazarus Experiment.

Both directors join a top notch team which includes Toby Haynes, who is in charge of the upcoming 2010 Christmas Special and who previously directed The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang from Series 5.

Here’s links to both Adam Smith’s and Richard Clark’s profiles on IMDB:

Adam Smith
Richard Clark