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Radio Free Skaro #235 – The More, The Guerriers

Radio Free Skaro #235 – Click here to listen

A very busy week in the world of Doctor Who — including big DVD news and disappointing results at a certain fictitious awards show — is capped off in this latest installment of Radio Free Skaro by not only our look at director Keith Boak in the miniscope but also a visit with Simon & Thomas Guerrier. The Guerriers are responsible for some recent and upcoming bonus material on Classic Doctor Who DVD releases and we talk with the brothers about some of them, especially their award-nominated Race Against Time coming out very soon on the DVD of The Mutants. Join us, won’t you?
Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro in 3-D…at Gallifrey One!
Skaro Shop…North America!
Skaro Shop…UK!
Tachyon TV…Returns!
Jeremy Webb…Directs Series 6!
Nick Hurran…Directs Series 6!
Adam Smith…Returns For Series 6!
Series 6…Comes To Australia!
Ambassadors of Death DVD…Delayed!
The Sun Makers…Flies Solo!
Terror of the Autons…On Region 1 DVD!
Planet of the Spiders…On Region 1 DVD!
Carnival Of Monsters…Revisitations DVD Details!
Carnival Of Monsters…Even More DVD Details!
Resurrection of the Daleks…Revisitations DVD Details!
Resurrection of the Daleks…Even More DVD Details!
Fourth Doctor…Costume T-Shirt!
Fifth Doctor…Costume T-Shirt!
Doctor Who…Character Building!
Doctor Who…Plush Toys!
A Christmas Carol Soundtrack…Delayed!
Fictitious National Television Awards…Results!
National Television Awards…Cutaway!
Lis Sladen…Autobiography!
Terry Nation…Biography!
iOS…iPlayer App!
Doctor Who News Page…Moves!

Interview Links:
Simon Guerrier
Thomas Guerrier

Miniscope Links (Keith Boak):

Aliens…Of London!
World War…Three!

Doctor Who Podcast Alliance – Chicago TARDIS 2010

DWPA Chicago TARDIS 2010 – Click here to listen

For the first time since its formation, the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance is proud to present a special episode originating from North America, chronicling the 2010 edition of the Chicago TARDIS convention that took place from November 26-28, 2010. Hosted by our own Steven Schapansky, it features other podcasters Ken Deep of Doctor Who: Podshock and Phillip Serna from Adventures in Time Space and Music, as well as interviews with Nick Briggs, Rob Shearman, Toby Hadoke, and Simon Guerrier. Have a listen!

Check out the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance site to find a glorious smattering of Doctor Who podcasts (including Radio Free Skaro) that will no doubt educate and entertain you.

Radio Free Skaro Invades Gallifrey 21

The countdown is on to Gallifrey 21, the world’s foremost Doctor Who convention, which gets underway on February 26 in Los Angeles, California. The Three Who Rule will be there for the second straight year, having enjoyed themselves immensely when they attended Gallifrey 20 in February 2009. If you, dear readers and listeners, are headed there this year, too, you will have the time of your lives. If you can’t make it to LA, then Radio Free Skaro has you covered, as there will be daily RFS podcasts from Gallifrey from Wednesday, February 24 to Sunday, February 28.

Each episode will be packed with interviews with actors, writers, and directors from Doctor Who, as well as the typical japery and nonsense that usually accompanies Radio Free Skaro podcasts. So keep checking the feeds and iTunes starting on February 24 as Radio Free Skaro brings the Gallifrey experience to you!

Until then, why not dip back into last year’s coverage and enjoy interviews we did with Rob Shearman, Toby Hadoke, and many others?

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So You Want To Podcast Doctor Who?

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