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Radio Free Skaro #363 – Ghost Lite

Radio Free Skaro #363 – Click here to listen!

Awoooooo! Scary stuff! That’s what this week’s instalment of Doctor Who was, as “Hide”, a tautly written and directed thriller, enthralled many a fan and viewer. But what did the Three Who Rule think? They were widely split with their opinions of writer Neil Cross’s first effort, “The Rings of Akhaten”; will Cross make Chris cross, or will it be smooth sailing for all involved? Also discussed are changing pronunciations of planet names throughout the years (because, yes, Metebelis-gate is casually mentioned in this episode), the title of the Series 7b finale, the return of the Doctor Who Proms, and some exciting action figures coming your way later this year. Awooooo!
Show Notes:

Cold War…Appreciated!
The Rings of Akhaten…Final BBC Ratings!
Series 7 Finale…Title!
Series 7B…Final Four Movie Posters!
Doctor Who…Returns to the Proms!
The Snowmen…DVD/BD Region 1 Release Date!
Chris Chibnall…Returning to Doctor Who?
The Daemons…Action Figures!

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Radio Free Skaro #293 – Occupy Gallifrey

Radio Free Skaro #293 – Click here to listen!

GALLY! It’s the most wonderful time of the year once again, a glorious three-days-to-a-week where thousands of Doctor Who fans descend on the LAX Marriott in Los Angeles and bathe in glorious nerdery (and also sip a snifter of port on occasion.)

Our annual tradition is to run through the convention schedule before we arrive, glossing over panels that we know nothing about (cosplay, crafts, Buffy fandom and Gay Agendas) and lionizing panels we think are cool (Steve Roberts, stuff we’re moderating, podcasting chinwags, and Steve Roberts.) While we strive to inform and entertain, Gally guests are well advised to check out both the website at www.gallifreyone.com and read their program guide upon arrival, which will soon become your Holy Text as you navigate past Tiki Daleks and Femmy Sixes.

As always, the Three Who Rule will be releasing daily podcasts and interviewing many of the luminaries of new and Classic Who, but we’ll also be opening the convention with our live show, “Radio Free Skaro and the World of Tomorrow” on Friday, February 17th. at 12:00 p.m. If you’re going to be at #gally, we’d love for you to attend our live show for 90 minutes of fun and frivolity with Camille Coduri, Toby Haynes, Barnaby Edwards, Gary Russell and Simon Fisher-Becker.

Gallifrey is one of the highlights of the year for the Three Who Rule and 2012 promises to be the best Gally yet. See you there!

Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro…And The World Of Tomorrow!
Official Convention…Guest Update!
Series 7…Writers!
Saul Metzstein…Directs!
Doctor Who…Meets Star Trek: The Next Generation!
Fictitious…SFX Awards!
Daemons…DVD Release Moved Up!
Big Chief…Tenth Doctor!

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Radio Free Skaro #291 – That Which Survives

Radio Free Skaro #291 – Click here to listen!

A simple commentary about “Closing Time,” which gave the Three Who Rule ample time to discuss the great chemistry between Matt Smith and guest star James Corden, instead devolved into a simply rancid discussion on babies and their propensity to poop on this episode of Radio Free Skaro. Our choice of topic says more about us than it does about the episode at hand, which was a delightful romp penned by Gareth Roberts and not at all a treatise on infants and their digestive habits. But leaving the puerile giggling aside for the moment, weighty matters as fictitious awards, possibly crappy video games and the life and quick death of Doctor Who Insider were also covered. All this and backhanded compliments aimed at Eric Roberts, and you’ve got yourself approximately an hour of a podcast of some sort!
Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro…And The World Of Tomorrow!
Doctor Who Insider…Shutting Down!
The Eternity Clock…Trailer!
The Eternity Clock…Not On PC?
Upper Boat…Studio Tour!
National…Television Awards!
Virgin Media…TV Awards!
April 2012…Region 1 DVD Releases!
Nightmare of Eden, Dragonfire & Happiness Patrol…DVD Extras!
Aliens Vs…Wizards!
Hugo Award…Nominations Open!



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April 2012 North America Doctor Who DVD Releases

The April 2012 Doctor Who DVD releases have been announced, and we’ll see one new title and one Revisitations title.

Hitting store shelves on April 10, The Daemons will not have the Return To Devil’s End featurette on it, but that was known a while ago. We will, however, get a new Aldbourne-based documentary along with a tribute to Barry Letts and the usual fare of a commentary, photo gallery, Coming Soon trailer, and more.

Another Pertwee story rounds out the month’s offerings with the Special Edition release of Carnival of Monsters, the great Robert Holmes story that brought us, and our dear listeners, the concept of the Miniscope. Along with the commentary track from the original release, we get a new commentary track along with featurettes on puppetry and CSO, extended/alternate/deleted scenes and of course the content from the initial DVD release of the story.

For more details, including a complete listing of the special features, check out the post at TV Shows On DVD.

Update: The full list of extras has now been made available and can be found at TVShowsOnDVD.com. Among the awesome-sounding bonus material is a featurette on colour testing for The Daemons done in 1992 and an early edit of Episode 2 from Carnival of Monsters.

Each of these titles is a 2-disc release with an MSRP of $34.98. Click on the artwork for larger versions.

Radio Free Skaro #289 – Errand Of Mercy

Radio Free Skaro #289 – Click here to listen!

Gallifrey One, the massive and amazing annual fan-run Doctor Who convention, is rapidly approaching and we take some time to talk to Program Director Shaun Lyon about the recently-released convention schedule and to formally announce details of our live show – Radio Free Skaro And The World Of Tomorrow! As Gallifrey One’s official podcast, we’ll open the convention and will be joined on stage by actress Camille Coduri, director Toby Haynes, jack-of-all-trades Barnaby Edwards and jack-of-even-more-trades Gary Russell. The Three Who Rule also cast their gaze, commentary-wise, upon Tom MacRae’s amazing The Girl Who Waited to see if it stands the test of time. And of course there’s the news gnashing. One month to Gally!
Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro…On Google+!
Radio Free Skaro…And The World Of Tomorrow!
Mark Gatiss…Writes For Series 7!
Sarah Jane Smith…Before Lis Sladen!
Journey Into Time…Script Discovered!
Script To Screen…The Sequel!
DVD Commentary…Participants!
Hugo Award…Nominations Open!


The Girl…Who Waited!

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Radio Free Skaro #285 – The Menagerie

Radio Free Skaro #285 – Click here to listen!

With just a week to go until the 2011 Doctor Who Christmas Special, the Three Who Rule cast their eyes back to a simpler time, before River Song was related to the Ponds and when a baby could turn into a puddle of goo and still be broadcast pre-watershed. Yes, “A Good Man Goes to War” was our commentary this week, with all the usual off-topic and off-color discussion you’ve come to know and somewhat tolerate. Add chatter of our live show at Gallifrey 2012 (two months from now!), news of departing companions, Season 7’s structure, and Fendahl action figures, and you’ve got yourself a podcast!
Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro…On Google+!
The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe…New Trailer!
The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe…Preview Clips!
The Moff…Hints At Series 7!
New Companion…For Series 7!
Aliens vs…Wizards!
Tom Baker…Reunited With Jago & Litefoot!
Big Finish…Brings Back The Kraals!
Revisitations 3…UK DVD Release Date!
Face Of Evil…UK DVD Release Date!
The Daemons…UK DVD Release Date!
Sarah Jane Adventures Series 5…UK Release Date!
Sarah Jane Adventures…Box Set!
Image of the Fendahl…Action Figure Set!
Doctor Who…Chess Set!
Steven On…The Pharos Project!
Steven On…Alpha Waves Radio!
Steven and Chris On…The Goodies Podcast!
Warren and Chris On…Prognosis Negative!


A Good Man…Goes To War!

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Radio Free Skaro #236 – Brave Heart, Teague

Radio Free Skaro #236 – Click here to listen

As the countdown to Gallifrey One continues (less than two weeks away!), the Three Who Rule tumble in to the collected works of director Colin Teague in this week’s instalment of the Miniscope. Despite Teague’s opprobrious epithet, the Three were pleasantly surprised at his directorial skill which constantly shone over some of the written inspiration he had to work with. Also dealt with was the news of the week, featuring all three hosts blanking on the duties of a recently added Gallifrey One guest (it’s prosthetics – duh).
Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro in 3-D…at Gallifrey One!
Skaro Shop…North America!
Skaro Shop…UK!
David Walliams…In Doctor Who!
June 2011…North American DVD Releases!
The Daemons…Coming To DVD!
Seeds Of Death…Revisitations DVD Extras!
A Christmas Carol…Soundtrack Track Listing!
Doctor Who…Insider!
SFX Awards…Best TV Show!
SFX Awards…2011 Sci-Fi Phenomenon!
SFX Awards…Best Actor!
SFX Awards…Best Actress!
SFX Awards…Best Collectible!

Miniscope Links (Colin Teague):

The Sound…Of Drums!!
Last Of The…Time Lords!
The Fires…Of Pompeii!