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Radio Free Skaro #332 – Harry and the Giant Clam

Radio Free Skaro #332 – Click here to listen!

The bulk of this week’s episode is devoted to “Chicks Unravel Time,” edited by Deb Stanish and L.M. Myles, a follow-up by Mad Norwegian Press to the widely praised “Chicks Dig Time Lords.” In this book, each writer tackled a different season of Classic Who, with sometimes surprising results! The editors of this weighty tome told Warren and Steven about the creation of the book, the wide range of voices in the book (from pros to first-time writers) and the big difference that a female perspective can have on interpretation of our favorite television program.

Oh yes, and some stats were mulled over at some point in the news segment. Last stats until Christmas, thank Omega!
Show Notes:

Gallifrey One…Guest Update!
The Angels Take Manhattan…Final Viewing Figures!
Doctor Who…Rules iPlayer!
Doctor Who Series 7A…PS!
The Eternity Clock…Now On PS Vita!


Chicks…Unravel Time!

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Radio Free Skaro #311 – Lenny Bruce Is Not Afraid

Radio Free Skaro #311 – Click here to listen!

The RFS team is scattered hither and yon this week with Steven in Madison, Wisconsin, and Warren scooping up cross-border deals in Seattle, but they still manage to crank out another episode of Radio Free Skaro for your listening delight. This week, Steven and Chris postulate on the news that was, including a discussion on the wonderful Tales of Television Centre documentary that aired on BBC Four this past week, but all of the Three Who Rule are there to commentate over the final three episodes of Inferno, the 1970 Jon Pertwee classic. It’s the end of the world as we know it…
Show Notes:

Script to Screen…2012!
The Doctor Who Experience…Returns In July!
The Eternity Clock…Begins Ticking Soon!
Moffat…Gets A BAFTA!
August 2012…Region 1 Classic Doctor Who DVD Releases!
Tales…Of Television Centre!
Radio Free Skaro…Popular!


Inferno…Parts 5-7!

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Radio Free Skaro #301 – Some More Of Benton’s Greatest Mistakes

Radio Free Skaro #301 – Click here to listen!

A slow news week happily coincides with an otherwise jam-packed episode of Radio Free Skaro; this week the lads bring not one but two features to you dear listener! We’ve got an interview with “Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock” producer Simon Harris as well as the first foray back into the Classic Commentary Series with The Three Who Rule babbling overtop the first half of the Jon Pertwee story “The Mind Of Evil”. Not all is rosy in the Whoniverse, however, as we also mourn the passing of Philip Madoc, an actor who brought many memorable roles to our beloved show. Now let’s get the Keller outta here!
Show Notes:

Ben Browder…Series 7 Guest Star!
Nick Hurran…Returns To Direct Series 7!
Philip Madoc…Died.
The Eternity…Clock!




The Mind…Of Evil!

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Radio Free Skaro #291 – That Which Survives

Radio Free Skaro #291 – Click here to listen!

A simple commentary about “Closing Time,” which gave the Three Who Rule ample time to discuss the great chemistry between Matt Smith and guest star James Corden, instead devolved into a simply rancid discussion on babies and their propensity to poop on this episode of Radio Free Skaro. Our choice of topic says more about us than it does about the episode at hand, which was a delightful romp penned by Gareth Roberts and not at all a treatise on infants and their digestive habits. But leaving the puerile giggling aside for the moment, weighty matters as fictitious awards, possibly crappy video games and the life and quick death of Doctor Who Insider were also covered. All this and backhanded compliments aimed at Eric Roberts, and you’ve got yourself approximately an hour of a podcast of some sort!
Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro…And The World Of Tomorrow!
Doctor Who Insider…Shutting Down!
The Eternity Clock…Trailer!
The Eternity Clock…Not On PC?
Upper Boat…Studio Tour!
National…Television Awards!
Virgin Media…TV Awards!
April 2012…Region 1 DVD Releases!
Nightmare of Eden, Dragonfire & Happiness Patrol…DVD Extras!
Aliens Vs…Wizards!
Hugo Award…Nominations Open!



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