• Radio Free Skaro #418 – Rodney’s Funscreen

    What derails the Three Who Rule from the week's news and a gripping Miniscope about classic series director Rodney Bennett? Why, it's the #firsttargetnovel Twitter discussion from Full Circle scribe and all-around gentleman Andrew Smith! Your hosts thoroughly enjoyed drenching themselves in novelised nostalgia, and look forward to further trips ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #417 – Arcturan Mega-Donkey

    Pertwee! Jo! Troughton the younger! An incontinent skull! With a cast like that it can only be the Three Who Rule's commentary on "The Curse of Peladon"! Watch a prince in short pants fight a revolution, superstition and a questionable monster suit in this Third Doctor...classic? Also, news and discussion, ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #416 – Random Access Memories

    Sadly, a trio of recent deaths in the Doctor Who world lead off this week's episode, as we remember the contributions of writer/actor Glyn Jones, director Derek Martinus, and the Rani herself, Kate O'Mara. But with new Doctor Who still months away, trickles of information are beginning to emerge as ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #415 – More Of A Table Wine

    It’s the return of the Miniscope! The focus this time is on Michael Hayes, the accomplished director who at first blush wanted nothing to do with Doctor Who but learned to love the show after directing "The Androids of Tara", "The Armageddon Factor" and the rightly beloved "City of Death". ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #414 – Caesar Salad

    Only a mere month after the celebrations of Gallifrey One 2014, the 26th iteration of the best convention in the world…sold out in 75 minutes this Friday. The Three Who Rule, poised over their keyboards intently, managed to secure their registration and will be in Los Angles in February 2015, ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #413 – Block Transfer Computation

    It’s the return of Fluid Links! Yes, everyone’s favourite mercury-based connection thingy is back, and we’ve got (some) of your questions to hash over, cogitate upon, and generally discuss. Good thing too, because the news is pretty thin on the ground this week. But there is talk of intriguing Season ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #412 – Ahearne It Through The Grapevine

    The Three Who Rule are travelling back in time this week to the wild, wooly days of 2005, when a certain program about a madman in a box first re-graced our screens after a long, long hiatus. Though we take the success of Doctor Who as a matter of course ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #411 – Kicking the Styres

    The classic commentary returns to Radio Free Skaro, in the form of a brief but enticing little number known as "The Sontaran Experiment"! Despite its quick running time, the adventures of Styre and Friends packs in adventure, spills, stunts, Terry Walsh in an unconvincing wig, and a pint-sized pugilist from ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #410 – Love From Gallifrey, Boys

    With Gallifrey One 2014 behind them, the Three Who Rule rallied their weakened, battle-scarred livers and turned their attention to Matt Smith’s last hurrah, "The Time of the Doctor". Much appreciation! Such regeneration! But first, news, updates and other matters of import! And next week, the classic series commentaries return ...

  • Radio Free Skaro #409 – Gallifrey Falls No More

    The year's most anticipated event on the calendar of the Three Who Rule and many thousands other Doctor Who fans has come and gone as Gallifrey One: 25 Glorious years has now concluded! Over 3700 attendees, guests, and volunteers enjoyed the event, and Radio Free Skaro was proud to be ...

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Radio Free Skaro #368 – Click here to listen!

rfs368It may be six months until new Doctor Who, but…we’ve got stats! So, so many stats. Also, Warren gets a lot of facts wrong (as usual), we’ve invented an exciting new drink called “whiskwee”, and for the first time in RFS history, we have a contest to win a DVD box set of Series 7 and The Snowmen! Check our Facebook page on Monday, May 26 for all the details on how you can win these shiny platters of loveliness.

But while you wait to pitch wits against your fellow Whovians, listen to the Torchwood panel from last month’s Calgary Expo featuring the brilliant bon mots of John Barrowman, Eve Myles and Gareth David-Lloyd and moderated by Steven. Fun was had! Pants were shed! And swears were uttered, so keep the kid lets away (or wear headphones) as we shred the iTunes “explicit” tag into a million tiny pieces.

Show Notes:

- The Name of the Doctor…Appreciated!
- The Name of the Doctor…Breaks SPACE Records!
- Nightmare in Silver…Final BBC Ratings!
- Clarence…and the Whispermen!
- BFI…Seventh Doctor Screening!
- BBC Books…Autumn Releases!
- Calgary…Expo!
- Westercon…66!

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On this episode of Video Free Skaro, not only do we have an interview with noted Doctor Who and Y the Last Man artist Pia Guerra, not only do we have a profile of the Myrka, the most despised villain in all Whodom, but we also have action figures making out. Yep, you read that right.

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Radio Free Skaro #273 – Click here to listen!

The penultimate episode of Series 6 featured the return of one of the great Doctor-companion teams that never happened. Matt Smith and James Corden, so perfectly matched in 2010′s “The Lodger”, reunited to amuse and delight in Gareth Roberts’s wonderful follow-up “Closing Time”, a story about which the Three Who Rule were unanimous in their opinion. The Cybermen also returned and were promptly dispensed with, but who cares about them, really? Also discussed in this podcast: the inevitable rapid-fire stats, new toys, favourite Doctors, rampant pluggery and more. Radio Free Skaro, here to help!
Show Notes:

- Closing…Time!
- The Wedding of River Song…Broadcast Time!
- Series 7…Begins Autumn 2012!
- Closing Time…BBC Overnights!
- The God Complex…Appreciated!
- The Girl Who Waited…Final BBC Numbers!
- The Gathering…Final BBC Numbers!
- Christmas Special…Guest Cast!
- Sarah Jane Adventures…Episode 3 and Episode 4 Synopses!
- Sarah Jane Adventures…Series 4 On North American DVD!
- Reign Of Terror…Animation Sample!
- Next Wave…Of Doctor Who Action Figures!
- Chicago TARDIS…Guest Announcements!
- The Ood Cast…Live!
- Edward Russell’s Walk for Lis…Just Giving Page!

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Radio Free Skaro #272 – Click here to listen!

A minotaur, a question of fear and faith, and a turning point for the Doctor and his companions…not to mention a surreal hotel from Hell! The God Complex went under the RFS microscope this week, with a smattering of opinion both favourable and somewhat less so. Add a giant brick wall o’ stats, a Sarah Jane launch date, some new guests for Gallifrey 2012, and an interview with “The Girl Who Waited” scribe Tom MacRae, and you’ve got yourself an audio file of approximately an hour in length!
Show Notes:

- The God…Complex!
- The Wedding of River Song…Synopsis!
- Closing Time…Opening Time!
- The God Complex…BBC Overnights!
- The Sarah Jane Adventures…Returns October 3!
- The Girl Who Waited…Appreciated!
- Night Terrors…Final BBC Numbers!
- The Blood Line…BBC Overnights!
- Starz…Torchwood Broadcast Numbers!
- The Gathering…Appreciated!
- End of the Road…Final BBC Numbers!
- Series 6 Complete DVD Set…More Extras!
- Fictitious…TV Choice Awards!
- Gallifrey One…Guest Update!
- Edward Russell’s Walk for Lis…Just Giving Page!


- Tom…MacRae!

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Radio Free Skaro #271 – Click here to listen!

The Girl Who Waited was, to varying degrees, praised by the Three Who Rule as one of the best episodes (if not THE best, according to Warren) of this season, with acclaim for the direction, the visuals, the timey-wimey-ness, and most of all for Karen Gillan’s double performance as herself and…herself.

But wait! Torchwood: Miracle Day also wrapped up its 10 episode run with rockginas, immortals, f-bombs, and Oswald Danes doing what he does best: making the blood of civilized folk curdle.

Add a dollop of stats, DVD news and Matt Smith being a stylin’ mofo, and you’ve got yourself, well, a podcast!

Next week…..Night Terrors! Or, more accurately, The God Complex!

Show Notes:

- The Girl…Who Waited!
- The Blood…Line!
- The Girl Who Waited…Overnights!
- Night Terrors…Appreciated!
- The Gathering…BBC Overnights!
- End of the Road…Appreciated!
- Immortal Sins…Final BBC Viewing Figures!
- The God Complex…At 7:10!
- Closing Time…At 6:00!
- Series 6.2 DVD Set…Gives Episode Lengths!
- Series 6 DVDs…In North America!
- Ian Levine’s Shada…Completed!
- Fictitious…Style Awards!
- Chicago…TARDIS!
- Edward Russell’s Walk for Lis…Just Giving Page!

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Radio Free Skaro #270 – Click here to listen!

Fear Her, one of the less appreciated stories in the Doctor Who oeuvre, isn’t a story that the Three Who Rule reasoned (or hoped) would ever be brought up again in Doctor Who, but all three of your intrepid hosts got a distinct Chloe Webber/scribble monster/suburban England vibe from Mark Gatiss’s Night Terrors. That isn’t to say that they didn’t enjoy it, though. Also up for discussion was Episode 9 of Torchwood: Miracle Day, The Gathering, as that series hurdles, or stumbles, to its conclusion next week. All this and the usual dash and sprinkle of news, including the talk of the upcoming UNIT Box Set and some bona fide monumental viewing figures for SPACE in Canada.
Show Notes:

- Night…Terrors!
- The…Gathering!
- Let’s Kill Hitler…Wins Canada!
- Let’s Kill Hitler…iPlayer Success!
- Series 6.2…Casting News!
- The Girl Who Waited…At 7:15!
- The God Complex…Synopsis!
- Night Terrors…BBC Overnights!
- Let’s Kill Hitler…Final BBC Ratings!
- Let’s Kill Hitler…Appreciated!
- End of the Road…BBC Overnights!
- Immortal Sins…Appreciated!
- The Middle Men…Final BBC Ratings!
- Sarah Jane Adventures…Series 5 BFI Screening!
- CBBC…Trailer!
- UNIT…Box Set!
- Invasion of the Dinosaurs & Android Invasion…On North American DVD!
- Invasion of the Dinosaurs…Episode 1 Colour Status!
- Target Reprints…Coming To North America!
- Edward Russell’s Walk for Lis…Just Giving Page!

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Radio Free Skaro #269 – Click here to listen!

Doctor Who is back! After what seemed equally both a long summer and a short summer, Doctor Who has returned to our screens with Let’s Kill Hitler — and of course the Three Who Rule were all over the episode to deliver their review. But wait, there’s more! Torchwood is still making its way toward the end of Miracle Day, so of course the lads throw in their two cents about End of the Road. What do they think about these new offerings from the Whoniverse? Lastly, along with the usual news and stats, we also speak with Doctor Who Brand Manager Edward Russell about his upcoming Walk for Lis!
Show Notes:

- Skaro Shop…North America!
- Skaro Shop…UK!
- Radio Free Skaro…on GetGlue!
- Radio Free Skaro…on Tumblr!
- Doctor Who – Let’s Kill…Hitler!
- Torchwood – End of the…Road!
- Doctor Who Episode 13…Titled!
- Next Week…Night Terrors!
- The Girl Who Waited…Synopsis!
- Steven Moffat Says…Full Series in 2012!
- Death…Is The Only Answer!
- Doctor Who – Let’s Kill Hitler…Overnights!
- Immortal Sins…Overnights!
- The Middle Men…Appreciated!
- The Categories of Life…Final Viewing Figures!
- Planet of Giants Episode 4…Audio Recording? Possibly!
- Ian Levine’s…Shada!
- Pyramids of Mars…Sarah Jane Adventures DVD Bonus!
- Tom Baker…Big Finish Titles!
- Edward Russell’s…Walk For Lis!
- Edward Russell’s…Just Giving Page!

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Radio Free Skaro #267 – Click here to listen!

Torchwood continues its Miracle Day run with episode 6 and the lads sink their teeth into… well, there’s not much to sink their teeth into this week, is there? Nevertheless, rampant mastication of the worthy bits kills some time as we wait for more Doctor Who and for Torchwood to do something… anything. Also, lamentably, the Summer Classic Commentary Series comes to the end as the Three Who Rule tackle The Invasion’s latter episodes with their usual flare and panache and with the able assistance of their seagull frenemies.
Show Notes:

- Skaro Shop…North America!
- Skaro Shop…UK!
- Radio Free Skaro…on GetGlue!
- Radio Free Skaro…on Tumblr!
- Torchwood: Miracle Day…Episode 6!
- Categories of Life…BBC Overnights!
- Escape to LA…Appreciated!
- Dead of Night…Final BBC Ratings!
- Starz & BBC Worldwide…Stay Partners!
- Let’s Kill Hitler Prequel…Coming Soon!
- Let’s Kill Hitler…In Australia!
- BBC America…Series 6 Fall Trailer!
- Retro Doctor Who Action Figures…The Next Wave!
- Character Building Minifigs…The Next Wave!
- Serpent Crest…Details!
- The Doctor Who…Restoration Team!

- The…Invasion (Episodes 5-8)!

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Radio Free Skaro #265 – Click here to listen!

More Torchwood (it’s still good!) and more stats (they’re still numbers!) and more news and a whole lot of blathering about Christopher Bailey’s Snakedance populate this episode of Radio Free Skaro as the Summer Classic Commentary series continues! The lads take a turn at fashion advice as the return of The Mara is talked over and as ever walk the line of decency as the notion of men in dresses gets a thorough investigation. Allons-y!
Show Notes:

- Skaro Shop…North America!
- Skaro Shop…UK!
- Radio Free Skaro…on GetGlue!
- Radio Free Skaro…on Tumblr!
- Torchwood…Miracle Day!
- Dead of Night…BBC Overnights!
- Rendition…Appreciated!
- The New World…Final BBC Ratings!
- Doctor Who Episode 10…Named!
- The Late…Late Show!
- International…iPlayer!
- International iPlayer…In Canada!
- Fanz!
- Colony In Space…Region 1 DVD!
- The Face of Evil…Commentary!
- River & Pandorica Chair…Toys!
- 2011 Action Figues…Wave 2!
- Sarah Jane Adventures…Series 4 DVD/Blu-Ray!
- Red, White and…Who!

- Snakedance!

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