Radio Free Skaro #167 – Philling Time Before The Waters of Mars

Radio Free Skaro #167 – Click here to listen

rfs167With just a week to go before the UK premiere of the next Doctor Who special, The Waters of Mars, RFS’s own Steven sat down with the co-writer of the special, Phil Ford, to talk about the episode in an exclusive, in-depth interview that also covered Phil’s work on The Sarah Jane Adventures and Dreamland. Before that, the Three Who Rule do their best to plow through what was a busy news week in the world of Who.
Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
Doctor Who…The Waters of Mars!
Dreamland…coming November 21!
Dreamland…preview clip!
Doctor Who…Confidential!
Sarah Jane Adventures…The Eternity Trap!
Sarah Jane Adventures Episode 7…ratings!
Sarah Jane Adventures Episode 8…ratings!
Sarah Jane Adventures…Appreciated!
David Tennant…on Absolute Radio!
David Tennant…on US TV!
David Tennant…on Never Mind The Buzzcocks!
The Waters of Mars…in Australia!
The Web Planet…on UK MSN!
Doctor Who nominated…for a Writer’s Guild Award!
David Tennant…nominated!
The Masque of Mandragora…extras!
Dalek War Box Set coming to…North America!
Remembrance of the Daleks coming to…North America!

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  • Wow, a fantastic interview with Phil Ford, and already we’re dissecting it for possible spoilers:

    Good job, Steven, you seems really at ease and natural during the interview. Phil sounds like he has a blast doing what he does, and I think that translates into things like Sarah Jane and especially his Torchwood stuff. I can’t wait for Sunday…I’m such a fangirl, I’ve even taken off work so I can grab WoM off the torrents as soon as it’s up.

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