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rfs167With just a week to go before the UK premiere of the next Doctor Who special, The Waters of Mars, RFS’s own Steven sat down with the co-writer of the special, Phil Ford, to talk about the episode in an exclusive, in-depth interview that also covered Phil’s work on The Sarah Jane Adventures and Dreamland. Before that, the Three Who Rule do their best to plow through what was a busy news week in the world of Who.
Show Notes:

- Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
- Doctor Who…The Waters of Mars!
- Lichfield…Cathedral!
- Dreamland…coming November 21!
- Dreamland…preview clip!
- Doctor Who…Confidential!
- Sarah Jane Adventures…The Eternity Trap!
- Sarah Jane Adventures Episode 7…ratings!
- Sarah Jane Adventures Episode 8…ratings!
- Sarah Jane Adventures…Appreciated!
- David Tennant…on Absolute Radio!
- David Tennant…on US TV!
- David Tennant…on Never Mind The Buzzcocks!
- The Waters of Mars…in Australia!
- The Web Planet…on UK MSN!
- Doctor Who nominated…for a Writer’s Guild Award!
- David Tennant…nominated!
- The Masque of Mandragora…extras!
- Dalek War Box Set coming to…North America!
- Remembrance of the Daleks coming to…North America!
- BBC…Shownar!

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  1. Al Martorano says:

    Wow, a fantastic interview with Phil Ford, and already we’re dissecting it for possible spoilers: http://gallifreybase.com/forum/showthread.php?t=200&page=250

    Good job, Steven, you seems really at ease and natural during the interview. Phil sounds like he has a blast doing what he does, and I think that translates into things like Sarah Jane and especially his Torchwood stuff. I can’t wait for Sunday…I’m such a fangirl, I’ve even taken off work so I can grab WoM off the torrents as soon as it’s up.