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Radio Free Skaro #185 – Click here to listen

After the “incident” with Chris on Friday that resulted in no podcast being released for the first official day of Gallifrey 21, Radio Free Skaro returned today in full force with interviews with Nick Briggs, Phil Ford, and Rob Shearman. Listen to these three fine gentlemen regale you with tales of woe, whimsy, and water – not necessarily in that order. NOTE: Chris’s appearance on this podcast is purely due to contractual obligation. We cannot comment on any rumours that have been circulating about Chris’s future on Radio Free Skaro.
Show Notes:

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4 Responses so far.

  1. betty booo says:

    This is comment is in response to the Terror of the Autons review.

    Sub-par? Pfffffff!!!!

  2. Josh Zimon says:

    FYI – no Rob Shearman full interview (you hear him with Ian…Nick Briggs) but not on his own…

  3. James says:

    Great interviews guys. A great listen!

  4. John Lyczkowski says:

    Very entertaining interview with Nick Briggs.