Radio Free Skaro #187 – Loads of Pace and Energy!

Radio Free Skaro #187 – Click here to listen

The Three Who Rule bury the hatchet regarding The Incident in time to talk to iconic Doctor Who director Graeme Harper in this, the last Radio Free Skaro episode from Gallifrey 21. Harper’s work, which indirectly inspired Radio Free Skaro to be created, is discussed at great length, including the controversial Warriors’ Gate, the legendary The Caves of Androzani, and how Harper just missed out on directing for Series Fnarg – twice.
Show Notes:

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  • betty booo

    Great interview and another great episode.

  • John Lyczkowski

    Very good interview.

  • James

    Excellent interview. Graeme seems like a great guy.

    You know all this talk about “the incident” just gets us listeners going! Cmon! whats it all about. I bet a couple of Draconians and some baby oil. Right!?

  • Thanks RFS you were the star podcasters from gally. I really enjoyed all the podcasts you put out. They were varied and interesting. None of the other podcast teams touched you. I have always enjoyed your podcast but you have gone up a few notches in my estimation.

  • jsd

    So glad you guys finally got to interview Mr. Harper. Excellent job!

  • Phil

    Excellent interview guys, it’s a real shame he’s not directing on the next series!

    And c’mon, spill the beans, what was “the incident”? Was it like “the moment” from The End of Time and the three of you disagreed whether to use it to wipe rival podcasts from existence?

  • I figure the clues about “the incident” are easy to find. Listen to the Fall Guy episode from March 31, 2009 and the alternate universe podcasts (with the same episode number) commentating on The Doctor Dances. After you listen to those 3 episodes 4 times each, the truth will be apparent.

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