Sneak Preview of The Eleventh Hour

Hot on the heels of the new trailer and Vampires in Venice clip from last night’s Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, the BBC Red Button service has begun showing the first little bit of Matt Smith’s debut story, The Eleventh Hour. We present it here with the usual spoiler caveat:

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  • DavidFromCalgary

    . . . Wait a minute. . . I’ve just watched this clip for the 20th time (40 more to round out the hour!) and i’ve noticed something!
    The inside of the tardis where Matt Smith is clinging for dear life, isnt that suppose to be some sort of metal grate stair case?! why, its like the inside of the tardis was completely changed! how dare they!

  • Phil

    Also, the windows blew out at the end of The End of Time and in this they are intact again. It’s continuity errors like this that annoy the hell out of me.

    Mind you, I can’t bloody wait for Saturday though!!

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