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Matt Smith appeared on stage with electronica group Orbital as they performed their rendition of the Doctor Who theme live at Glastonbury this weekend. Very little is cooler than this. Have a look:

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  1. First Tennant plays with Franz Ferdinand, now this! Imagine this sort of street cred attached to Doctor Who, back in the day? Tom Baker playing bass with the Pistols. lol

  2. janet smith says:

    excellent is just not big enough!! Awesome and what a treat.Wish I had been there!!
    The series is amazingly good -each episode just gets better,and I love it.

  3. Peej Maybe says:

    That was ass-kickingly brilliant. Matt Smith rocks, quite literally!

  4. Jen13 says:

    That was brilliant!
    Pity the BBC stopped the original clip with great visuals as well as the great music, but thanks for putting up this version.
    Appreciate it!