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It appears that two new Doctor Who video games, one for the Nintendo DS and one for the Wii, will be released in the UK on October 29 (Play.com lists the release dates as November 17). Not many details are known about the games, produced by Asylum Entertainment, but what we can show you are the covers for each game. Above is the cover for Evacuation Earth (Nintendo DS); below is the one for Return to Earth (Wii).
Exciting, yes? Here’s the links to each game on Amazon.co.uk:

Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth
Doctor Who: Return To Earth

Thanks to Blogtor Who and TARDIS Newsroom for the heads up!

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Gary Morris says:

    Any word on a North American release for either of these? I only see UK and EU :(

  2. Chris says:

    I would expect the PAL/NTSC beast will prevent Wii users in North America from importing the game, but I’m not sure the DS would have the same issue.

  3. Whodiest says:

    Same developer as did the “Destiny of the Doctors” video game back in 1997 featuring Anthony Ainley as the Master, BTW. Asylum apparently specializes in kids/family games based on existing media properties (e.g. TV, books). I wouldn’t expect Bioware-like quality out of this!

  4. Gary Morris says:

    Is that PAL/NTSC thing easy to get around on a WII? Anyone tried?