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The world of Doctor Who lost one of its icons this past week, and all fans are mourning the passing of our beloved Brigadier, Nicholas Courtney. The highs from Gallifrey came crashing down as the news of Courtney’s death hit earlier in the week, and it was only fitting that a Courtney tribute episode be recorded. We welcomed Doctor Who script editor, New Adventures author and Doctor Who Magazine editor, Big Finish producer and life-long Doctor Who fan Gary Russell on the show to reminisce about his experiences with the wonderful Mr. Courtney. Please join us as we remember Sir Alastair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, the man who portrayed him as well as cover the news of the week.
Show Notes:

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  1. darthcheese says:

    Inferno is a great Brig story. Really liked the 5 rounds at the end of the show. Nice touch.

  2. Richard Kulp says:

    Great tribute. I found a tribte videao by Babelcolour that was very moving. Babelcolour Tribute – MY IMMORTAL BRIGADIER


    He does absolutely beautiful work, in my opinion, but this brought tears to my eyes.

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