Radio Free Skaro #341 – Stepsons and Screwdrivers

Radio Free Skaro #341 – Click here to listen!

Trailers! Trailers! So many trailers for the Snowmen, the upcoming Doctor Who Xmas special! Well, alright…there were two new trailers. But they are amping up the enthusiasm of the Three Who Rule for this year’s Yuletide offering, which is surely a good thing after the slim pickings of 2011’s The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe. Another good thing is the interview from Chicago TARDIS with Toby Hadoke, a friend of the show, gentleman actor and all around great fella. Bask in his wisdom and delight in his wit! Immediately!
Show Notes:

The Snowmen…BBC Trailer!
The Snowmen…BBC America Trailer!
Series 7…Resumes in April!
Fiftieth Anniversary Special…Films in April!
Destiny…of the Doctor!
Devil…in the Smoke!
Ark in Space…More Revisitations Extras!
March 2013…North America Doctor Who DVD Releases!
The Minute…Doctor Who Podcast!



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  • Azal

    Nigel Robinson’s novelisations:
    The Sensorites
    The Time Meddler
    The Edge of Destruction
    The Underwater Menace

    Ian Marter wrote The Reign of Terror.

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