Radio Free Skaro and the Ambassadors of Death at Gallifrey One video!

It took Warren a while to get this done, but here’s our live show from Gallifrey One 2013, captured in glorious HD color video pixels. Thrill to the visual stylings of Sylvester McCoy, Philip Hinchcliffe, Stephen Thorne, and Dan Starkey. And don’t forget Chip, the Two Minute Time Lord, with another rousing speech for the assembled masses at Gallifrey One in Los Angeles!

Special thanks to Mel Siermaczeski, Nancy Alegria, and Tyson Ferland and Jack Bessey of Knack Design who helped out with extra footage.

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  • Just want to express my gratitude to yourselves,the convention organisers and the guests for making this material available for our attention.Seemed very different from last years’ show since you were interviewing actors and a contender for greatest producer of Doctor Who,rather than a collection of writers.Conclusive evidence that Pedantor is taller than Omega,though i’m none the wiser about the size difference between Strax and the Seventh Doctor.Congratulations on an enjoyable and informative programme again.

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