October 2013 North America Doctor Who DVD Releases

October 8, as expected, will see another batch of Doctor Who DVD releases here in North America.

Terror of the Zygons has now been officially confirmed for that date, and will see extras such as a commentary, Douglas Camfield retrospective, part three of The UNIT Family and more. The DVD will also contain the recently recovered extra scene, meticulously recoloured by Babelcolour.

Volume 2 of The Doctors Revisited, including both the BBC America series of that name as well as the related stories appearing alongside the specials for the Fifth through Eighth Doctors, will hit store shelves the same day. Those stories are of course Earthshock, Vengeance on Varos, Remembrance of the Daleks and The TV Movie. This marks at least the third DVD release for each of those titles other than Earthshock, so this may be appropriate only for completionists.

MSRP for Terror of the Zygons, a 2-disc release, will be $34.98; MSRP for the 4-disc Doctors Revisited is $39.98. Click on the artwork above for a larger image. Check TVShowsOnDVD.comfor more details!

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