Radio Free Skaro #675 – Radio Free Skaro: VidFIRE and Fury

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It’s Gallifrey One time! The 30th iteration of Gallifrey One is upon us, and once again it is the distinct pleasure of the Three Who Rule to open the convention with their live, this time called “VidFIRE and Fury”! Hear Colin Baker discuss his newfound love for the Thirteenth Doctor! Listen as Yasmin Bannerman talks about spending 6 hours in a makeup chair to look like a tree! And pull your chair closer to hear the Doctor Who Restoration Team give the latest on the Classic Series Blu-ray sets, as well as the status of missing Doctor Who episodes!

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Gallifrey One
Gallifrey One 2019 schedule via Sched
Radio Free Skaro will open Gally with “VidFIRE and Fury”, with guests Colin Baker, Jamie Childs, Yasmin Bannerman, Steve Roberts, Mark Ayres, Paul Vanezis, and Richard Molesworth
Radio Free Skaro Gally meetup, Friday at Noon, Program C
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